I was a little disappointed last April 1, 2010 upon reading some blog articles and comments about Adam Carolla’s recent podcast dissing Manny Pacquiao and the Philippines. It was April Fool’s Day so I thought it was a big joke. Anyway, I tried listening to it once again to better understand where he was coming from. After doing so, I believe he has a point but he unfortunately delivered it wrong.

Manila I cannot help but understand fellow Filipinos if they began hating Adam Carolla. You cannot say we all are onion-skinned because the joke is actually an insult. All countries no matter how beautiful they are will always have poverty and its bad side. Nonetheless, I am taking it as a wake-up call. Perhaps, he is right on the context that we all should be proud as Filipinos and not as avid fans of Manny Pacquio willing to let him run the country just because we see him as a hero.

Makati CityI do not know why some foreigners criticize us over our admiration for someone coming from the same blood and race doing a good name for our country. Perhaps, some may say that Manny Pacquiao is doing it because it is his job and he is earning much like any professional who would do anything to reach the top. For me, he has shown the world that amidst poverty, we can make a name of our own.

Adam CarollaHe is a Filipino and no one can stop us from being proud of him and to all the other Filipinos out there who are making a name in various fields. We have several Filipinos out there who are equally famous. Although we do not speak much about them, it does not mean that we are not proud of them. More so, our admiration does not mean that we put our fate on it. We run our own shows and our own lives.

Adam Carolla may have gone too far and way below the belt in putting too much trash talk just to  deliver his points. It seems he has forgotten how to express himself with respect. Is it just for a show just to catch fame and attention? Well, some people get celebrity status when they are able to grab the attention of the world by creating intrigues and hate wars. For me, he could have done things better.

I think that he was right on saying why Manny Pacquiao has to break the deal with Floyd Mayweather just because he does not want to subject himself to a blood test to prove that he is not using steroids. Well, if he is not using it, why would he not allow a blood test be given? At any rate, there are some good points to deliver but ADAM CAROLLA FAILED TO STATE THEM IN A POLITE AND RESPECTFUL MANNER. 


Now, we have several Facebook pages put up to protest against Adam Carolla. We have several blog articles that were written to do the same. We cannot blame people. We all have the right to express but this right is never absolute. We need to respect other people. We need to make sure that we do not insult cultures and races regardless of our opinion. This is what Adam Carolla failed to consider.

Palawan I wonder if Adam Carolla has toured the Philippines before to know how beautiful our country is. I wonder if he has spent time googling about famous Filipinos making it bigtime in the music, sports, science, politics, literature and arts? I do not want to be tagged as onion-skinned because at some point, I believe that we should learn something from his remarks but I think he should be careful in casting statements.

Chocolate Hills We all come from different cultures and orientations. Perhaps, most people may think that Asians are quite sensitive about communication and gestures especially with comments and they are right. This is the very reason why we as professionals had to undergo cultural briefings whenever we go for a business trip elsewhere because we need to make sure that we understand the culture well before we communicate even if it were meant to be a joke. We need to be polite.

The video below shows a little of our country. I think it may not even be enough to put all the beauty of the Philippines in a single video. Nonetheless, I am posting it to show that amidst criticisms and perhaps the issue of corruption and poverty, I am still proud of being a Filipino and I will always regard my country as my one and only. We may be in elsewhere but our hearts as Filipinos will always be in the Philippines.

To end this blog article, I wish to share two points. I want us all to consider communication with high regards and respect to culture and beliefs. We need to make sure that we are sensitive enough not to hurt other people’s feelings when we espress ourselves. Second, we all should take time to understand things before we get to react. We need to ask ourselves if there are things that we can learn from criticisms.

This a challenge for us Filipinos to show the world especially people like Adam Carolla that we are not just mere minority in this planet and that we have other great things to show the world. We need to proactively take all the feedbacks we get and use them to fuel our desire to make a name and be successful as a nation. Besides, we are gifted with 7,107 islands more than what they have!