Hotel Bell Boy

I just arrived in Finland this afternoon with 8 of my colleagues and we headed directly to the hotel to dine and relax after 4 hours of travelling. At the parking lot, I was having some fun with my colleagues that I was trying to get their bags off the car for them and open the car doors for them as a servant. I just felt like playing a BELL BOY out of nothing but pure fun. Thus, my colleague Per decided to baptize me as THE BELL BOY! Hahaha.

As we were about to order our food, I tried to play a joke again by pretending to be a WAITER taking their orders and asking if they needed coffee, tea or maybe a show shine. Hahaha. I do not know why but maybe I was missing the part where I am usually the group’s clown way back home. I felt a little comfortable already with my foreign colleagues that I found myself  trying to be a clown and make them laugh a little sometimes.

The Bell BoyThus, it came to me that I should write what is running on my mind so they know. I thought tha it is nice to blog a little about THE BELL BOY on the premise that there is indeed a good lesson to learn from it. So, I wrote this blog article.

The BELL BOY is often described as someone working as a hotel porter. He usually would carry your bag as soon as you enter the hotel and he would lead you to your room, serve wine and perhaps tell you that should you need anything, you can call him by dialing a certain number. In short, a BELL BOY is someone who does errands for you. Someone who can carry your load off.

The remarkable effort and patience they have in carrying your baggage from the hotel entrance to the 60th floor is something that is inspiring. The way they provide assistance with a smile and how they willingly do errands for us is impressive. Thus, we need to have the same attitude in life. We need to learn how to help carry other people’s heavy load. We sometimes need to be BELL BOYS for others.

The BELL BOY usually can remind us of the time, arrangement and other information we may need.We can ask them to knock on our room door every morning for a wake up call or they can always remind us of things we can usually forget about as guests or travelers. Thus, their role in the hotel and restaurant  industry is important although they may be at the bottom of the food chain.

The Bell Boy 2In life, we have BELL BOYS as well. We have our family and friends who would often be our LIFE’S BELL BOYS carrying all the extra loads that we have just to ensure that we get to keep going in this journey with less trouble. We need at some point to have someone to remind us where we are and that is something that everyone gets to forget no matter how good you are in remembering stuffs.

People can get lost not just sometimes but most of the times. Often, we just fall too tired of the monotonous and tiring routine of life that we find it hard to take another step forward bringing all our stuffs on our shoulder. Thus, we find ourselves needing someone to do all the carrying jobs for us and it’s good to have a BELL BOY around at our service just in time!

Coffee, Tea, Shoe Shine… Anyone? Indeed… No man is an island!