Monday Mundane March 22, 2010. 23:59PM. My Monday went on so slow and it seems I was not in my own self. Maybe because I went to bed almost 4AM and I was to sleepy the entire day aside from the fact that my shoulder hurts a lot. I tried working.

Everyone seems to be doing something and I was quite clueless what was going on. People are talking but I cannot understand anything. It was good that I was joined by my friend and colleague Niels and our boss Eli for lunch.

I never knew that our boss was into sailing since he was 9 and he was so generous enough to invite me to come to come over his house for the Easter break so I can see his boat and meet his family. Besides, he was the one who hired me 3 years ago.

I had a good and funny conversation as well with Niels and we talked about skiing. I have known him for 3 years now so I am comfortable talking with him. He just got promoted to a global managerial role and I got a cake from him later on!

Well, my day almost ended without talking to anyone at our room. It was so quiet. Another deployment week nears so I cannot blame them if all of them are too busy. As for me, I have enough time until come May 2010 where I will start my own battle.

Nonetheless, I had consolations as well. My colleagues managed to provide me a digital camera issued by the company. I did not bring any because I was planning to get a new one here and that I have my iPhone anyway. Per even got me a charger!

I could remember not being able to take a photo of the Royal Palace in Norway because my iPhone went dead and I was to shy to ask Per and the others to take a photo of me with their cameras. Hehehe.

I am happy with my colleagues even if they are so busy sometimes that they often forget that I do not speak their language. As a result, I find myself out of place most of the time. But then again, it is always the thought that counts more.

What I like best for the day was having the chance to talk with Anette who I have collaborated with in my past SAP project. It’s funny that we seem to have the same line of thinking regarding work and professionalism. It was indeed a good chit-chat!

Well, I was too sleepy and too tired. Thus, I went home at 6:30PM along with Per. I reached the town center and ordered half-chicken and fries for take-away. I headed home and had my dinner so quick that I was in bed by 7PM. I fell asleep.

Now, it is almost midnight and I just woke up. I already had 5 hours of sleep so I doubt if I can still sleep especially with FACEBOOK and BLOGGING at my fingertip. My shoulder still hurts and it seems I must have broken something inside.

I can’t sleep. Monday is done! I guess I will have to wait for 6:00AM so I can prepare and be at the office at exactly 7:00AM. I want to do more for Tuesday as my horoscope tells me that I will be doing good for this week. So wish me luck!