Strained Shoulder March 20, 2010. 9:22PM. It’s Saturday! I spent the entire day at home not doing anything but surf the internet and sleep when I should have been out touring. The joint just below my right shoulder has been hurting for a week now. I must have strained it due to bad sleeping position or I don’t know. I do not feel fine now.

For the entire week, I could not move my right arm as how I could move my left. Whenever I try to rotate it, I could hear a sound as if something is popping inside. So I just decided not to go out at all. I was planning to go to a city which is an hour away via train. I had to cancel my plan due to my strained shoulder.

I tried eating whatever is in my fridge. I am almost running out of stock now and I just cannot eat at the restaurants everyday because food doesn’t taste that good anyway. Although I can do that since I am not restricted by my budget, I just do not want to spend too much too and be tagged as a high-maintenance resource.

I am watching Discovery Channel now for almost the entire day with fried hotdogs, cereals, milk and bread. I hope I could feel better tomorrow so I can go out and have a feast. I am craving as well for fruits now but at this time of the night, it is nearly impossible to find a fruit stand open. I just wish.

I have to fix the table now and wash the dishes. I need to prepare my laundry so the hotel lady can have them tomorrow. Now, I am quite feeling all the pain as I type this article. I need to check if I still have some medicated patch (SALONPAS) for my shoulder. Ouch. I just need to think that I’m fine anyway.

Mind over Matter.