I got this line from someone I had the chance to work with during the time that we were in the line of fire because things were almost getting stalled due to some issues. We had several things failing one after the other and it was quite hard to understand why such things happen amidst all the preparations and careful planning.

CooperationIt seems that we could not put our ideas to work because we could not get people to do their tasks. Thus, he jokingly expressed that for things to be done smoothly – someone has to do something.

It was quite weird that we thought everything would run smooth until we realized that we failed the part where we should have communicated and collaborated more. Thus, someone expected to do something was not able to do his thing. Tsk.

If you get to think about it, this issue is definitely about making teamwork works. It is about getting someone to do something where that something will always form part of the final product. It is always vital to know that every member of a team is important and each one of them has to contribute. Otherwise, we’ll never achieve anything.

Life is about working as together as one and achieving great things!