I just arrived home and I spent a wonderful day with my colleague at his home with his wife and had a delicious dinner as well! I suddenly felt the same level of hospitality that we Filipinos are known for. It was really wonderful!

I was there an hour past lunch time because I had to watch the boxing fight of our famous Filipino boxer. It was quite sunny but windy and cold. After an hour, I reached my colleagues’ place. I got a bottle of wine and myself.

IMG_1211We had coffee and some short introductions and chat until we have decided to proceed to a short tour of the place. The next thing I know, I was climbing a mountain and catching my breath because it was really cold and tiring.

The scenery was great. I was standing at the highest peak of the country overlooking the lakes and most of the land area of the region. It started raining. Actually, it was snowing so I hurriedly took a few pictures with my iPhone and rushed back to the car. It was really freezing.

We headed to the city and had a glass of beer only made for Easter. We were talking about work and about family. I got so comfortable talking to someone who sees marriage as something that should last forever in the way I get to see it.

By 6PM, we were at their home waiting dinner. Deer is to be served and a desert that I cannot pronounce whatever it was named after but it’s made from cooked strawberries and raspberry. I had a nice dinner indeed!

IMG_1216While eating, we talked about kids, wives, husbands, women, men and work. My colleague is a manager while his wife is a good heart surgeon. They were like 25 years older than I am but we were both on the same page as we talked.

Suddenly, I missed my parents. They were almost of the same age. The only difference is that my parents had 5 children while my colleague and his wife only had one daughter in the same way as I have only one child.

So, I learned so much. In their stage, they only had good memories to tell. They are lucky indeed. In a place where divorce is legal, I admire them for keeping their marriage and for making it work for many years. They are lucky indeed!

IMG_1210My parents were married for almost like 3 decades and they are still very much in-love amidst the challenges that they have been through and I admire them as well for that! When most people would just quit, some try to make things work!

We drank quite a lot of wine and beer and I was a little drunk so to speak but I was absorbing all the learning. It is good to talk with people full of happy memories and positive things. It motivates you to do the same and be good in life.

Much like the old couple in my previous blog article who I have happened to chance at the lake, my colleague and his wife are one of the many couples here who has valued the true essence of a marriage – to love one another through thick and thin!

Now, I am more determined to be a good husband and a father. I am inspired to be a good family man. I am very much motivated to take my vow of loving my wife and my son through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, for better or for poorer.

I love my family!