SAMPIP by Parokya Ni Edgar

Some people love shoes of certain kinds
Some people love afternoons or the way the moon shines
And they have their reasons to feel the way they do
That’s why I asked myself what it is with you

Is there something wrong with the way I speak
Do you even see me when I pass you on the street
I close my eyes and let it be
Because I just can’t see
Why you love to hate me

Some people love weekends because they can fool around
Some people love thunderstorms because of how the drops
of rain fall down
And they have their own reasons
Whatever they may be
That’s why I think it’s kinda funny that you don’t have one for me

And it sucks to face the truth that I ain’t got no reasons too
Whenever asked the simple question why I feel the way I do
And I know it’s stupid on my part to say that I love you
Even though I know you hate me
And you don’t know why you do…

Almost 12 years ago, I sang my then future wife a song during an open-house activity at our university dormitory. It was a song from the Parokya Ni Edgar entitled Sampip. I learned its lyrics only an hour before I was to sing it in front of the residents and guests. It was a simple yet a very good song indeed. I never really knew the story behind it but I began to love the song.

Guitar ManYesterday as I was walking my way home, I happen to have sung the song once again. I usually sing when I walk especially when I am alone and a total stranger to the place. I sing to keep me away from noticing the solitude around me. I even invent melody and lyrics just to keep myself from running out of songs to sing. You can call me weird but that is me.

Yesterday, I tried singing the same song over and over and it was only then that I was able to fully understand what the song really is all about.

I sang the song almost exactly how I lived it 12 years ago! My wife then usually never notices me. I try to chance with her almost every day. I often would peep through the windows of the dorm to check if she is already out waiting for her ride to her class and I would then take the same jeepney and offer to pay for her fare. She would often reject me and tell me that she can pay for herself. It was actually embarrassing.

I do not know her reason for doing so. Maybe we got used to offering friends and people we know in our province a free ride or pay for their fare whenever we get to chance on a bus or in a jeepney with them. As for her, I was a total stranger who wanted to know her and she’s not used to it. I was almost a stalker then. I have sent her love letter prior but I am clueless on her response. I just had to take my chances.

The good thing then is that no matter how she rejects me and how her friends would advice her against me, I was still truly madly in-love with her. My reputation comes ahead of me. I look as much as a bad guy from my eyebrows down to my built. I also hang out with the toughest group at the dorm known for bullying and for partying late with ladies. Although we were all academically excellent, we were the noisiest and naughtiest as well! Thus, it was quite hard for me to prove her my sincerity.

Some People Love For No Reason but LoveI could have opted then to quit and just tried my luck with other ladies but I did not. It was weird that I had no other reason at all why I felt too much in love with her even though she must have hated me way back then. Maybe because we were both destined to be future husband and wife and that it was for no other reason at all but love that I pursued her amidst all.

Twelve years after I sang the very same song, here we are as couples and as a family gifted with a loving son and still very much in-love amidst all. Now I get to realize that some people have their own reasons for doing things and some people simply do things for no reasons at all. Thus, some people love for no other reason at all but love. No more, no less.