A view of the frozen lake...

I was walking along the frozen lake this afternoon. I had nothing to do so I decided to trek the 5.7 kilometer walkway since the snow is almost gone now. Suddenly, I was feeling quite lonely seeing everything in white with only the cold air to embrace. Snow has melted already since the last snowfall last week but still the entire lake remains frozen. I saw birds but not as lively as they used to cheer the vibrant and colorful atmosphere of the place during summer. No flowers in bloom nor anything red, yellow or blue. The place seems to be colored in loneliness as I see it.

5.7km Jogging Path along the Lake.I was almost teary-eyed until I saw an old couple walking with their hands held tight as if they never even bothered about the strong and cold wind that seem to be pushing behind them. They seem to be so much in love and they seem to have been happily living together for so long as evident with their gray hair. It was indeed a sight so wonderful to see.

I long to see the day that I will get to walk with my wife aged and gray-haired in that same lake perhaps or anywhere with our hands held together tight as we are happily embraced by the wind. I long to see the day that amidst all the storms and the calamities in our marriage, we are both still up walking as one with our vows of an everlasting love nurtured and kept. Perhaps, that would be the culmination of this journey – being able to hold on through the years.

The Frozen LakeSuddenly, I was in an emotional state. I went to my favorite spot at the lake under the tree where this old platform stands with a bench enough for pairs. I sat there with a bag of burger and fries in one hand and a cup of soda in the other. I took a deep breath and tried to feel the biting cold of the frozen lake. I miss my wife and my son.

I miss my family.