Out of PlaceHave you been in a situation where you seem to hear people speaking and yet you cannot even understand whatever they are talking about? At times, you just had to laugh when you see them laughing not knowing that maybe it is already you who they are laughing about. Hahaha. It is hard to be out of place sometimes.

It is not just about language difference. You may tend to speak the same language but still you can feel a little alienated because either you do not have the same line of thinking about certain things or that perhaps you do not share the same interests. Thus, there are various ways on how you can be out of place.

Having a work where travel is part of the job description, I find it a little hard to get used sometimes to NOT being able to speak a lot because of language difference. Thus, I become more of a good listener when in a foreign land and it’s good. Nonetheless, it is a struggle for a person like me who communicates a lot.

As they say, WHEN YOU ARE IN ROME, DO WHAT THE ROMANS DO! You also need to SPEAK LIKE A ROMAN! Otherwise you will definitely feel out of place. True indeed. We cannot always tell people to adjust and speak our language to suit us. They also need to express themselves normally and comfortably through their own tongue.

So, it is best to just put more understanding to the fact that this is normal. We cannot learn all the languages on every country where we travel at due to work. At times, people will get to speak in the common language we all know like English but we need not to expect a lot. Thus, this is perhaps what GLOBALIZATION is for! Cheers!