Lessons Learned

The ultimate goal of any project is to execute and deliver whatever has been planned and promised. The challenges of delivery will always be present regardless of how detailed you have anticipated possible scenarios and events. Thus, failure at some point is something that is inevitable especially on endeavors that involves things done the first time.

There is a saying that we all should do things right the first time. This is ideal but not too realistic because of the word – "first". Thus, we are given a second shot to make things work which is only possible if we get to apply whatever lessons learned from the first point of failure. Otherwise, you get a loop of failures.

At times, we let kids do mistakes and get hurt because we want them to learn from it and realize that if they do it again, they will get hurt. This is the same with work and with life. We manage because we do not want to have the same problems met prior. We plan things based of the anticipations  of failures. Thus, lessons learned are actually eye-openers that we should not ignore.

Success is the result of having to finally wake up and do something better after meeting series for failures. Without having to learn things, growth is not achieved. No victory is sweeter without having to work hard for it. Thus, success comes after failures at some point. Hehehe.  This is true indeed unless you are Mr. Perfect!

Lessons learned are important!