Disaster Recovery Plan When all else fails, what do you do? You are out doing things in life that you have to do and all see well until you are struck with a crisis not because you are less prepared but because you suddenly do not have extra hands to help you make things happen.Perfect!

You then put seven minutes of your life in drafting a disaster recovery plan on how to make it out only to find out that a minute later, everything is up and running! Great! Life is indeed full of surprises that we should always be prepared. YOu cannot always be certain on things no matter how hard you try.

Thus, we see now how vitalt it is to incorporate a backup plan in whatever task we do – be it with work or with life. Our success in terms of delivering to life’s demands will always depend highly on the ability to adapt and create a workaround to cope up with the sudden challenges of life.

Amidst all, we need to make sure at the end of the day that we can deliver whether things go well or everything goes wrong. We have all the reasons to fail but we have no reasons at all not to succeed after each failures! We need to have an option to stand up and succeed. That’s what contingency plan is for!