Doing One's Homework When I was in school, I was not that good in ensuring that I do my homework regularly so I end up doing them in school before my classes start. Thus, they become more of a schoolwork for me than homework. Nonetheless, I get to see a point that I have one to submit for the teacher to check. Delivery has always been a thing I am very much particular because I have always thought that reputation is built around responsibility and the ability to deliver one’s tasks and promises as well.

I am quite older now but still I get to do my homework regardless of whether I do it way ahead or I do it before the due date. Rushing things for me does not compromise the quality of my work because I have already conditioned myself into this kind of methodology. But then again, this is me and I do not say that others should adopt the same way of doing things. Therefore, I would like to point out that it is important for an individual to be responsible enough to do his tasks on or before they are due.

The success of an endeavor depends as well on preparation and on the time and effort dedicated on executing tasks. It is important that these tasks are done timely and as scheduled. Thus, it is vital that the individual responsible for a certain project or task is responsible enough to be able to do his homework and be good at doing so. Failure often roots from the fact that someone must have failed to do something and so every thing else is stalled. This scenario is a nightmare that we need to avoid.

I am sure that no one wants to end up being tagged as a showstopper. I am sure as well that no one wish to be described as someone who wasted other people’s time and money because he failed to perform his tasks and deliver to the expectations of time. So it is important that we all develop this sense of urgency to complete and deliver what is being asked from us. We also need to think that failing to do so will make others fail as well. So we need to start being responsible and start doing our homework now!!!