Do It Right the First Time I just had a tiring but fruitful day. I was able to get to see scenarios as per the documents I have been reading for the past weeks now. Thus, I realized that not all that has been written reflects the actuality of what will happen amidst the plan.

In the real world, we all are expected to be efficient and effective because this would spell a minimized cost on processes and increased productivity and utilization on resources as well. Thus, we are tasked to do things right the first time.

This mandate is quite ideal but feasible only after having to fail multiple times. It is confusing but I am sure that it is big challenge to perfect things the first time but it requires you to fall and do mistakes so you can improve, refine and succeed.

I never failed today. The team never failed. I just realized that no matter how many times a task has been planned, it cannot be executed in the same way as it was planned. It can be done at the end of the day but not as planned and on a single perfect attempt.

We are still human after all!