I just woke up. I have been uneasy for the past week that I worry so much about this dream I had where the right portion of my soft palate began cracking and falling from my mouth. I know this may sound weird but I do believe in dreams and superstitions although I am a highly scientific person. I fear of bad dreams and nightmares in the same way as how I have fear of black cats crossing my path.

I once had a dream of my teeth falling and often it would lead to either a failure or disappointment – be it at work or personal. Often, I would hear news afterwards that a relative or a friend is ill or that something is wrong at the office or at home. I have always translated dreams as forecasts. Maybe, not all are true but I won’t lose anything if I take precautions out of my bad dreams – and good dreams as well.

I used to start the day by reading my horoscope. Sometimes, this habit tends to rule what I will have to do for the rest of the day. This has not been easy. In as much as I want to take it as a mere guide, it is often taking control of my life and my decisions. The effect of dreams and horoscope in me is quite strong that I tend to be more cautious and paranoid. Thus, I stopped reading daily.

In some instances, I still get to “google” about my dreams especially if it involves bad ones like snakes, teeth, gums, soft palate and stuffs that can be worrisome to people like me who craves for the meaning behind dreams. I fear of them sometimes regardless if the dream is in color or in black and white. I get affected. Thus, my only way of conquering it is by praying hard that all will be well.

Dreams are of two things. Dream generally refers to our goals and aspiration that pushes us to move on in life. The other dream that we all get to have while asleep is more of a product of the subconscious mind that links us to the past, present and maybe the future. Whatever is real about dreams as mirror of the future is something that is quite uncertain but this should not dictate how we have to live.

Our life need not to be ruled by predictions and dreams. I know that. I guess that there is no harm indeed from taking all the signs from the stars, from nature and from the eyes of people as guide. Life is a journey anyway and we need maps and signs to know which path to take. Nonetheless, we should live life to its fullest based on what our heart and mind dictates and not because of what dreams may come.