Movie: Jersey Girl

I have two things in life that I want someday to be able to say to my family that I am best at and that’s being a husband and a father. I know I may sound weird but I think that my purpose in life circle on those two important roles that I have!

I know that I have always been spending my time to be good at almost everything from arts, music, journalism, technology and in business but I know that deep in my heart I wanted to best only in those two things I have mentioned above.

We do not get to live forever and this limit requires us to maximize whatever time we have in doing things that we need to be best at in this lifetime. The need to know your inner purpose in life is the key to making the most out of your life.

I am a husband and I have an exclusive contract for that with my wife and it is perpetual. I may not be perfect but I am working on nearing that level. Besides, the love and happiness that I give and receive makes everything perfect for me.

I love my wife. I love her more. In all those years that I have spent my life with her, I have no regrets. In life, happy thoughts and priceless moments will always merit primacy over the irony of life. I am a happily married man.

With all the blessing I have in life, I am proud to tell the world that my greatest achievement is for fathering my one and only son. He is the fulfillment of me and he will always be me and my wife put into one. He is our gift.

I know that being a father and a friend to my son is a 24/7 job that requires a total commitment and dedication more than any other things. I may have failed in the beginning due to lack of time because of work but I have learned my lesson.

In the past few years, I have given my son the most precious gift next to love and that is time. I am happy that I have more time recently to bond with him. I am happy to cook him food and share with his hobby of collecting toys.

I know that I have a long way to go. I know that I can always be the best in my career and I have always been known for being one but what matters most to me now is being the best for my son and for my wife. No more. No less.