Family: Life's Greatest Blessing

The ideal life perhaps for most may refer to having a huge house, a nice car, beautiful wife, great children and a dream job. Well, I must have shared the same definition of good life before and I was not as wiser then as I am right now.

I know some may say that I am stating quite an obvious fact of life but then everything is obvious anyway. All things relevant to life has been already made obvious even before we realized the same. Life’s like that!

I have always thought that success is all about having everything. The gauge of one’s achievements are often with material things. A home without food even when it is full of love will always be a hell in a way for some.

Well, that’s true for them perhaps but not for all. There is more to life than an unscratched iPhone and a fast car. There is more to a career than promotions and incentives. What is essential is invisible to the eye!

I used to spend more than 24 hours at work. Well, I would perhaps even use 25 hours a day for almost 8 days a week to be exact because I have always been addicted to work, work and work. I wanted to top my career.

I used to miss family gatherings. Often, I would bring home work. I know that hitting two birds with one stone is a good strategy in life but mixing work and family is often a mission impossible. You cannot always serve two masters at the same time!

The first years of my life as a husband, as a father and as a career person was never that easy. I took one wrong option after another just to be able to do all roles at the same time and I was never successful in  all attempts.

All the blunders I have had for the past years made me a wiser person. It made me realize once again that I am working for a living because of my family and doing good in my career is just incidental. I work for my wife and son.

I rather go home with just enough commuting daily and with only the basic in life for as long as I have my wife and son with me living in the abundance of simplicity through love and happiness than be rich and famous but homeless.

Maybe you have noticed me writing too much about my family. Well, I am. I have no other topic in my head right now than my family and I guess, I am just too happy and proud to talk about the greatest blessing I have that is my family!