Globalization! Our Tomorrow... Today!

02102010. Just today at exactly 13:39:36 which is also exactly 18:39:36 at home, I posted a comment in our company blog where the blogger was soliciting opinions and ideas as to the importance of having the latest technology for communication to achieve full globalization. It was my first time to have read such blog so I thought I would share my ideas as well to the post. As some readers expressed their views and preferences on having the latest communication gadgets and software relative to the goal of bridging all employees together around the globe, I had a different and practical opinion about the topic!

Globalization Bridges the Gap!Being a gadget freak myself and a technology geek, I agree with them that having the latest equipments and software would offer added ease and convenience in achieving globalization but it does not mean that efficiency and effectiveness is achieve when one gets to upgrade from old models to newer ones. I know deep in my heart that I also would like to have the latest technology because I want to be up-to-date but at some point, I also would like to impart to others that communication should not be reliant to technology.

Thus, here is what I have written as a comment in that blog article. I have modified a little of it to make it more general but the idea remains the same. Please kindly read on.

“I believe that an effective communication in a corporate aspect should exhibit independence to tools and technology. Communication uses technology as one of the hundreds of channels available to man but this does not always warrant efficiency and effectiveness. Communication is made effective in a globalization effort when people talk, listen, share opinions and reach out regardless of channels. Communication has to be free.

Communication is Globalization.Although emails, telephones, mobile phones and other online collaboration tools such as MS SharePoint, Google Wave and QuickPlace are so important these days that one cannot imagine working without them, I think that even the old fashion way of communication would still work best at this very high-tech era. A simple call is always effective than a chat because of its personal touch. As for having the latest email software, I still get to receive emails every day from my boss and perhaps you do as well using the old email client. Thus, the issue perhaps why we often would want to upgrade is convenience and man’s desire to be up-to-date always! Right?

Globalization is beyond the application of technology and the integration of various business processes into one. Globalization is not just a change in infrastructure with every employee having a new set of equipments like laptops and software. Globalization is being able to bridge the gap between locations and nationalities to unite multiple business processes and corporate practices into one common global standard where location is deemed irrelevant in one’s work and language becomes one. Globalization is an initiative to create a single global identity through uniformity yet retaining each entity’s identity.

Globalization 2The right tools for Globalization is not almost always reliant on the latest technology but on the approach and the effective utilization of current channels. Regardless if we use a slow Lotus Notes or we have fast Microsoft Exchange technology or other faster cloud computing technologies, if we do not exert effort to reach out to our colleagues in other parts of the world or perhaps start cooperating in the initiative to make a unified corporate environment, then all else is futile. The bottom-line is, we need not to fix or change something that is working fine same as the saying that "IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX or CHANGE IT!” Besides, communication needs not to be expensive for it to be effective and efficient!

So for me, we just need to make do with what we have. Master the use of whatever tools we have now and put value on the investment made. Some companies in Asia are more primitive in terms of technology investment yet they are global and successful in their own industries. You see, even people who uses old mobile phones do have higher level of communication efficiency than those who owns Blackberry and iPhones these days. Why? Old phones don’t have internet and chat so people get to talk more and stay focused. With phones having less features and components, you get longer battery life. Thus, you can communicate longer.

To end, the latest technology may be good for convenience and for aesthetics but it does not always warrant 100% efficiency and effectiveness which is a recipe for globalization. Just my two cents!

That’s all folks! So what do you think? Do we need to invest more on having the latest technology to achieve globalization? I wonder. Anyway, I got myself a new iPhone and a new laptop this year so I should agree with the others in their wish to have the latest technology. Hehehe. What an irony! Cheers!