02022010. Just today at exactly 3PM as I was about to enter the embassy to get my visa and passport, my iPhone 3GS accidentally fell on the floor. I was shocked and froze for almost a minute before I picked it up. I thought I was just dreaming so I told myself to wake up. I was hoping that the leather flip-case from MACMOSPHERE did its job as expected since I got it to protect my expensive phone from such scenario. Tsk. I prayed so hard and even blamed myself for not buying a full body cover!

iPhone 3GSWell, the glass screen was fine but the plastic back cover at the lower right corner near the microphone area got a little dent or scratch so to speak. It is not that visible but since I am an OC and a perfectionist, I am not sure if I can still live thinking everyday that I scratched my iPhone and it is not perfect anymore! Note that I even had to buy an expensive clothe and a leather case for it. I even put it in a safe place when I am home to prevent it from dust and from accidental fall. Tsk! 

Well, tomorrow would be my iPhone’s 1st monthsary and so far, it ain’t flawless anymore! I dented it! iPhone Dents and Scratches!I got it last January 3, 2010 with so much excitement since it is the start of getting myself hooked back to gadgets and away from drinking sprees and night parties. As I was heading home, I immediately read forums of how other owners felt when they first scratched their iPhones. I even had to google for faceplate and back cover replacements and key words pointing on how I can undo the dent!

Anyway, I found some materials that I wish to share hoping that others might drop their inputs. As for me, I have read various forums telling me that I should instead MOVE ON and ACCEPT the fact that things do fall and get dented. You can only BEST PROTECT an iPhone if you do not remove it from its box. Hehehe. Well, that is true indeed! Thus, I realized that perhaps, the dent was made to teach me a lesson on being careful at all times.

Well, at least I was able to put an identity to my iPhone through the dent and scratches. iPhone Protective Shell and CasesI can easily say now which iPhone is mine by checking on the dent and scratches. Hehehe! I need not to think anymore of buying a faceplate replacement nor selling it so I can get a new one, I will just have to accept things. Tsk. Same as with life, we all need to move on and accept the fact that amidst imperfections and flaws, we need to stand up and do our job! No regrets as they say.

I just need to get a new shell case tomorrow to best protect it and hide the damage. Hehehe. In that way, the pain is minimize. Hehehe! Anyway, read on what I found on the net. Perhaps, some may find use in it! Just be sure not to blame me nor my source in case you get to break your iPhone than fix it! Hahaha. For me, it is easier to get on with the scratches and dents than with a dead iPhone 3GS. Hahaha! As they say, IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT!

iPhone 3G Repair Guide

iPhone 3G Replacement Housing Cover Repair Guide

Restore your Apple iPhone 3GS to its former glory with a new housing faceplate cover and give it a whole new face. You can use the following install instruction to replace your old housing faceplate.

(Note: This install instruction is only for reference, please consider whether you can do it. We do not hold any responsibility of damaging of this item and your own item due to wrong installation.)

iPhone 3G

  • Tools required:
  • Small Screw Driver, Opening tool
  • Patience!

    SIM card and SIM tray

    Step 1

    Begin by removing the SIM tray, using the included SIM card removal tool (or a paperclip if you’ve lost the tool.)

    dock connector

    Step 2

    Holding your device on end you will notice two small screws on either side of the dock. These screws must be removed in order to open the case.

    iphone 3g

    Step 3

    Insert a small thin tool between the chrome ring and front panel glass directly above one of the screw holes. You will need to exert a small amount of pressure to separate the display from the back panel.

    inside 3g iphone

    Step 4

    Lift the panel up from the dock end being careful not to tear or break any ribbons connected near the other end.

    ribbon cable

    Step 5

    Unplug ribbons 1 and 2 by lifting them from the main board. Under ribbon 2 you will need to find and unclip ribbon 3, then carefully remove the display assembly.

    3g iphone mainboard screws

    Step 6

    Remove the seven screws circled in red. Note: One screw is located under the DO NOT REMOVE sticker 🙂

    speaker and home switch assembly

    Step 7

    Unplug ribbon 4.

    3g iphone mainboard

    Step 8

    Llift the mother board out taking note of the camera which is still connected to the underside of the board. You will need to unplug the ribbon circled in red.

    3g iphone dissasmbled

    Step 9

    Place the mother board to the side.

    3g iphone battery

    Step 10

    Use the attached tab to pull up on the battery, there is a mild adhesive on the back side, so it will take a bit of force.

    3g iphone backpanel

    Step 11

    Remove the screw circled in red.

    3g iphone camera

    Step 12

    Carefully remove the camera.

    3g iphone headphone jack assembly screws

    Step 13

    Remove the nine screws circled in red.

    3g iphone headphone jack assembly

    Step 14

    Remove the headphone jack and attached flex cable.

    3g iphone speaker assembly

    Step 15

    Remove the speaker assembly which also contains the dock connector, antennae and home button as well.

    3g iphone vibrator assembly screws

    Step 16

    Remove the 2 screws circled in red.

    3g iphone vibrator assembly

    Step 17

    Place the vibrator assembly to the side.

    3g iphone lcd screws

    Step 18 – Back to the Front Half

    Remove the 2 screws circled in red. You will find 3 screws on the opposite side which must be removed as well.

    3g iphone lcd

    Step 19

    Lift the LCD free from the front panel glass.

    3g iphone completely disassembled

    Step 20 – Finished

    Pictured is every component inside the iPhone 3G.

    iPhone 3G Chips Bottom Main Board

    Under the Hood – Apple iPhone 3G exposed!

    Top Main Board

    Pictured is every component inside the iPhone 3G labeled and noted precisely. Thanks to Semiconductor Insights

    iPhone 3G Chips Front Main Board

    Bottom Main Board

    Pictured are chips responsible for Bluetooth, and Flash memory on board.

    We hope the install instructions was useful, Good Luck!



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