The sidewalk along Shaw Boulevard in front of Lourdes School of Mandaluyong made narrow by newly installed railings.

I wonder if the new railings were for pedestrians’ safety and convenience or just for aesthetic. It seems that the sidewalks along Shaw Boulevard now are rendered useless because people would rather pass along the road where vehicles pass than take the narrow path.

I was not able to take a photo of the pedestrian lane at the gate of the Lourdes School of Mandaluyong fronting Cityland Shaw Tower but will get to wonder why they ever put up a pedestrian lane when they would totally block it with railings. Imagine a pedestrian lane with the other end blocked with a railing? Tsk.

I do hope that city officials or city engineers will get to read this and get to check for themselves what I am talking about. I appreciate the railings which can be both for safety and aesthetics but I do not think that engineers thought hard on putting up a design convenient, useful and of standards.

It is like having to pass under the MRT Ortigas Station where the area of an escalator almost blocks the sidewalk. Pedestrians has to pass by one individial after another. Imagine if a speeding bus would accidentally ram over the railings, it would be hard for anyone to escape or run because the path is so narrow!

As to the sidewalks at Shaw Boulevard, the area from San Miguel Avenue until St. Francis Street is so narrow that if you get to walk with an old and slow person in front of you, you won’t even have any means to overtake because the sidewalk is so narrow that it is only good for one person.

The top of the railing as well is noticeable a tubular bar which is rather prone for accident than having a circular tube because of the 3 pointed corners exposed. Should an old person collapse directly onto the railings, it would definitely wound the person. I wonder if this has been checked as well?

Anyway, I will try to capture more photos later today and update this blog entry with more visual aids. The meantime, try to see for yourself what I am blogging about. I am sure that after seeing what the contractor has done with the sidewalk and with the railing, you will get to comment the same. Hehehe.

Well, I believe that we deserve to have government projects done with quality by qualified contractors. It is not enough that city government have projects to liquidate their funds well, each project should benefit the people well in terms of safety, convenience and usability. Just my two cents!