The Message

It was a year ago as I was arranging my bookshelf that houses my precious collection of books for the past 10 years that I saw this small green envelope pinned in one my books. I was intrigued so I took it and check who owns it. I laugh a little. It’s an undelivered mail written by my only son to his only cousin living in the province. It was written almost a year ago when I found it.

The LetterI shouldn’t be opening mails as this was a rule that we all observe since we were kids but I opened the envelope anyway. My son was 7 years old then so I don’t think he has written something so confidential. He wrote the letter to his 6 years old cousin almost two days before his 8th birthday and I do not know why. He must have been missing his only cousin since he is the only child and he craves for companion.

My son grew up alone with us less playmates around. We were not able to give him a sibling as my wife and I were both busy with work. He often would play with his yaya but still, there is no substitute for a playmate the same as your age. In short, kids should play with kids and not with adults. Two days before my son’s 8th birthday, he must have been craving for a child companion who would add fun to his childhood. Tsk. So I read the letter.

Envelope  -BackIt’s been almost 2 years now since the letter was written and I thought of having my son deliver it to his cousin in person but we often would forget about it every time we get to travel to the province for a weekend visit. A year ago, I told my sister about my son’s letter to her son but I was not able to tell my nephew about it. My son is turning 10 almost 12 days from now and my nephew is turning 9 as well and we still have the letter at home left undelivered. 

Just awhile ago, I took my book, “Sun Tzu : The Art of War for Managers”, from my shelf so I could put myself to sleep when a small green envelope fell on the floor. It was a thing so familiar to me. I picked it up and it was my son’s 2-year old letter pinned between books. I felt so guilty why it has remained undelivered for so long so I got my camera and took photos of it so I can send it to my nephew via the internet – be it by email, Facebook or blog. Well, I preferred blogging about it instead as a means to deliver it to my nephew. Thus, I wrote this blog entry.

Envelope - FrontThe letter describes the special bond between the two boys. My son is a year older so he is a big brother to my nephew since they were toddlers. Whenever they get to meet and see each other, they would share stories and game cheats about their favorite computer games with excitement. It is the only time where my son gets to have a taste of how to be a kid and play with kids and those moments are precious to him.

We live almost 60 kilometers away and the two boys don’t get to see each other often. Thus, he loves and misses his cousin and small brother a lot. I just wish I can give my son a baby brother or a baby sister soon but my wife and I have not yet danced in Obando nor walked on our knees in the churches of Baclaran and Quiapo to pray for another child as per beliefs and tradition. My son grew up solo and so he really craves for his cousin’s presence. They are best of friends and buddies.

I do hope that this article will get to serve its purpose of delivering my son’s letter to my nephew and perhaps put you all in a little moment of reminiscing about your childhood buddies and cousins who once became your “partners in crime” when you were kids. You may have the same undelivered letters or unsent SMS that you wish to deliver to them now. So why wait further when you can start keeping in touch?  I am sure that it won’t hurt you a lot if you send them HIs and HELLOs once in awhile.

Besides, all you have to do is press the SEND button! Cheers!