Television Junks and Immorality I wonder why ABS-CBN has been vouching into drama series circling around stories of infidelity and broken homes. For the past years that I have been hooked into "telenovelas" as how drama series are coined nowadays, I cannot help but notice that the story line would always involve siblings or friends fighting and killing over a common love interest or perhaps two married couples separating because each of their partners are engaged in an illicit love affair. At some point, I don’t get the point why of all the millions of possible stories of life and love, most broadcasting companies and TV producers would rather choose to show homes and marriage being broken rather than producing good story lines with good moral values. I wonder.

KatorseImagine "KATORSE" which talks about a 14 years old lady falling in love and bearing a child untimely due to carelessness. She fell in love with two men who were close friends as well. The story went on with rivalry as usual until both men tried hurting each other and people almost dying. I was even annoyed seeing the lady going to high school with a blouse too sexy for a school uniform. Is this for real?

Even the last telenovela with Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson entitled “TAYONG DALAWA“ where Lola Gets got her fame was into the same story line. Tayong DalawaThree brothers attempted to kill each other because of a single lady who became their common love interest. Even while married to one of the brothers, the lady tried to maintain her relationship with the other brother until every aspect of their lives fell apart as usual. I do not know why chaos is the best climax but I do not think that airing these shows will do good for the society especially when people nowadays are hooked into their television sets and the influence of shows and the actors and actresses to their way of living is so great that whatever they see on TV is almost always imitated. It’s a sad case that I fear others will tend to imitate.

Even ”DAHIL MAY ISANG IKAW“ with Jericho Rosales, Kristine Hermosa, Lorna Tolentino and Gabby Concepcion depicted a story of how a love affair can destroy homes in a culture where blood should be thicker than water and that family ties is almost always the strongest bond. Dahil May Isang IkawImagine a scene where a husband goes in bed with another man’s wife and a wife secretly into a relationship with a former lover. I wonder what my grandmothers would tell if she were to watch all these shows. The performance of the actors and actresses were really great but I see a very bad taste with regards to the story lines and I do not think that it is wise to air such shows even if we can reason out that audiences are free to watch whatever they wish to watch and the discretion to pick between good and bad lessons they get to see in these shows. I am just sharing my thoughts anyway.

The telenovela, “KUNG TAYO’Y MAGKAKALAYO”, with Kris Aquino and Gabby Concepcion along with Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson has a pretty good start but it seems that the plot is almost the same as the story that I prefer not watching.Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo Someone’s wife would continue to love someone’s husband until killing starts and homes being wrecked one at a time. Even siblings would start hating each other until one of them dies and reconciliation starts as the other gasp for last breath. Typical, right? This will perhaps end where one of the partners will either die or go in prison as lovers who were into illicit affairs will end up as couples for life. After series of gun battles and killing, the story ends fast giving us all a usual moral of the story tagline – TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES. Hehehe. I wonder what happened to all the learning we got with our CLE subjects from Grade 1 to Grade 6. Tsk. Now, I rather get hooked to National Geographic Channel or let my son watch cartoons than letting him see such frustrating and selfish love stories.

May Bukas Pa I do hope that my opinion will get to reach TV producers so at some point they can get to hear something from the perspective of an audience on how their shows get to affect the lives of the people in the midst of their social responsibility to promote good moral values and family life. Even Santino’s show, “MAY BUKAS PA” is flawed where infidelity and violence being is used as a good means to twist the flow of story. The portrayal of good versus evil is good but I do not think that having to show the audience all these is good enough as many of us will get to think that all these are but normal part of life. I do not hate our local TV shows especially the telenovela, I just want to air my opinion that could perhaps save our younger generation’s moral values against all the immorality that they get to see daily in their television sets. I do hope that somehow this will open a realization that we have more good stories of life to tell rather than limiting our scripts to all these trash.

Just my two cents.