Looking Back

It’s 2010 already and all we can do for now is to move on and move forward positively. The past year has given us a lot of lessons in life that made us all better persons. Who would have thought that we will all come as far as where we are right now? Gone were the days where a day will not pass without being battered with work-related stress and troubles caused by difficult people. I am so much free now.

I have a wonderful job right now where I get to avail of the privilege to spend more time at home while at work and travel to many places while advancing both my career and family life. Who would have thought that the dream job that I was eyeing a year or two is now with me with a decent pay and a good opportunity to fully practice my profession in the international corporate arena. I am happy.

What makes 2010 a promising year for me aside from travels and challenges with my international career is the fact that I am more closer now with my wife and son. I am a better cook now as well. In the past few months that I had more time with my family at home, I was able to cook them breakfast, pack them their lunch boxes and prepare dinner for them. I was able to spend more time talking with them. Priceless.

This year, I have a huge project to implement, manage and ensure that it is done perfectly. I have several travels in various countries to take and several foreign professionals to meet and collaborate with. With all these challenges ahead, I face a great opportunity to upgrade my skills and improve professionally.

Nonetheless, I know my priority and that is my family. I am working so hard to give them the best of what life can offer. Perhaps, a new house or a relocation abroad would be best for this year but then as I look back, I am more than happy to see that I was able to provide well for them. As I reminisce 2009, I get to realize that life is beautiful indeed and that God provides. Now I can only get to look back with a smile.

Thanks Bro!