Sto. Nino wearing various hats and caps at home.The Philippines has always been the center of Catholic faith in Asia because of the great influence of religion in the culture and tradition of the Filipinos. Thus, we have several beliefs and practices so old that we all are obliged to observe. Even houses are filled with images and sculptures of Jesus, Mother Mary and Joseph plus the various saints to reflect one’s faith.

In this blog entry are photos of our Sto. Nino that was given to us by my mother-in-law bought from Cebu. For almost a decade now, we have taken our Sto. Nino from Davao to Pampanga until we transferred to Manila. We have been changing its clothes like a baby plus the various hats that we let it wear. Having it has somehow given us luck and perhaps a means to remember that God is in our home. Thus, I share this article.

Sto. Nino in a cowboy hat from my son's ring bearer custume at Kuya Louie's wedding.Sto. Nino in Cebu Pacific hat.Sto. Nino wearing old baby clothes.Sto. Nino wearing my wife's handmade Christmas party sheep hat.Sto. Nino wearing a Grundfos cap.Sto. Nino on a sombrero from our trip to Pagsanjan Falls.