Just last night, I finally got my new 32GB iPhone 3GS from Globe Telecoms at SM Megamall. I applied December 15, 2009 and I was told to wait for a month or two but the unit was released January 1, 2010 or almost 2 weeks after. I got it on January 4, 2010. Great! Now I can try this thing they call iPhone 3GS!

Well, we were supposed to go to the mall for grocery and dinner as we just arrived from our long vacation in Davao the night before and our ref is empty but my wife suggested that we visit Globe Telecoms at the SM Cyberzone for my phone and request for a caller ID service for our landline. So we did!

My son and I took a number (2061 which sums to my lucky number 9) and waited for almost an hour while my wife got herself a new haircut from Freshaire. I was trying to play cool while my son was already impatiently irritated and was asking me hundreds of questions at the same time why it is taking us too long. He is scheduled to go to Toy Kingdom to buy his 2nd NERF N-STRKE gun – the VULCAN EBF-25. Well, after some time, it was our turn and it took us 15 minutes more to get my new iPhone 3GS!

Indeed, patience is a virtue! Hehehe. Afterwards, I had to run with my son to get his new toy as well. He too was so happy. When my wife was done with her hair, both of them went to KFC for dinner while I went back to Apple Store to get a leather jacket for my phone and a Brando Screen Protector to protect my new toy. Hehehe. It took me another hour because I had to return the other casing I got and had to decide if I will be getting the cheaper Brando Ultra Clear filled with good reviews or the expensive Invisible Shield from Zagg. I took the first one due to good reviews!

At 8PM, I am all done and so I did the grocery and went home happy! My wife and son went home ahead of me because they got tired of waiting for me. Besides, home is just a stone throw away so it was actually nothing to them. I went home bringing 9 bags of filled with grocery items and I almost collapsed on the weight I was carrying. Nonetheless, I was happy that each of us at home was able to have something new for the year. Aside from the material things, being able to see plans and dreams translated to reality is an achievement. Now, I need to blog using my iPhone!

After this, I have to make a blog entry with reviews about the iPhone 3GS, Brando Ultra Clear Screen Protector vs. Zagg InvisibleShield and answer the question whether a shell casing is better than a leather case in protecting an iPhone! Hehehe. I am thinking of making a list of good applications to have as well for reference. I am still waiting for a BlackBerry phone and a new laptop and I am indeed back to being a tech geek once again this 2010. Hehehe. I miss all the fun and excitement of getting all the latest gears. Now I can turn my back away from drinking and hanging out! Cheers!