At the last terminal, a family was barred from travelling due to lack of medical certificate for a pregnant passenger.It was 5:30 AM of December 20, 2009. I just had my birthday the other day and we were scheduled to take a 7AM flight to Davao City via Cebu Pacific Air today. All seem well as we all woke up early to be just in time for the trip. We took a cab.

Upon arrival at the Terminal 3 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Pasay City, we were all shocked upon seeing the long line of passengers queuing to enter the terminal. Only a single gate was opened so there was a bottleneck. Tsk!

Passengers waiting in vain to enter the terminal at 5AM!It took as like 30 minutes or more to reach the gate when the airport personnel opened the second gate. Passengers began complaining particularly foreigners and people who just came from abroad queuing for their connecting flight home.

I wonder why such a huge terminal suffers a bottleneck when they could have opened more gates to let people in. Amidst the usual alibi that we have more passengers during peak season, the huge size of the terminal should compensate this.

Perhaps, it’s manpower shortage as the airlines renting spaces are minimizing cost. Even in the photos above, you can see that the people inside the terminal are not that much. They could have let more people in that letting them wait for an hour outside.

There were several foreigners complaining how bad it is to get a taxi in Manila and how hard it is to get inside an airport. Well, it’s true. How can tourists enjoy their stay here if they get all these mess just upon entry to our country? I wonder.

There's a Rainbow always after the Rain! Boarding... Finally!

Anyway, we all boarded the plane at 7:30AM. The flight was delayed actually but we never even noticed it because we were all sleepy by then. Hehehe. We also had to take a photo of the rainbow just before boarding the plane.

Maricar Reyes At the plane, we were all entertained as well to hardly notice the delay as we were seated at the 2nd row and the pretty and secy actress Maricar Reyes was at the front row seated just in front of me. Nice view indeed! Thus, I was wide-awake the entire flight star-stricken! Hehehe.

The plane took off at 7:45AM but it took us only an hour and 15 minutes perhaps to reach Davao City at around 9:00AM. The pilot must have compensated the delay by flying fast and arriving almost ahead of supposed arrival time as usual. This is what I like with Cebu Pacific! Bilis!


Upon arriving at the terminal of Davao City, it took us 15 minutes to get our stuffs and go outside to get a cab. Now, the problem is that taxi cabs here are choosy! I thought it was only in Manila that you see nasty taxi drivers who would prefer doing a bargain first than running the taxi meter for a fee! The article at the magazine I read aboard the plane wrote that Davao City has good and honest taxi drivers. Well, not at all!

Some drivers would use their taxi cabs like jeepneys where they book multiple passengers going to the same directions to maximize space and fees. Some would not even take passengers as they wanted a fixed price rather than running a taxi meter!

Thus, I took a photo of one taxi with its plate number. I intended to send an SMS to LTFRB of the taxi’s plate number but I ran out of time so I just had to blog about it. It took us all more than an hour to get a ride and we took a van and rented it.

Every batch of passengers had to pay P200 to reach downtown. There were like 3 or 4 of us so the driver earned an instant P800 for a short trip downtown. It would have taken a P100 maximum if we were able to take a taxi of our own! Tsk!

Anyway, the smell of Durian and the place itself made me forgot all the woes of travelling. What matters most now is that we arrived on time and safely for our holiday escapades. Now, I need to wrap gifts and prepare for Christmas and New Year! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!