Just an hour ago, I decided to update my anti-virus and run a full scan. I have a  powerful computer with 1TB of storage, 4GB of memory powered with the latest multi-core processor plus a 1GB graphic card. I need not to mention the brands and the specifications so as not to brag too much. Amidst this, my PC is so slow! Tsk!

Anyway, I was a little bothered more after having a 12Mbps Cable DSL subscription plus my 2Mbps backup DSL, my internet browser loads pages too slow. At some point, it keeps on hanging although I have always kept my OS updated of patches. Thus, I decided to suspect that it could be a virus or a Trojan messing up my system.

Well, after an hour or two, I got a long list of detected viruses and Trojans. I was so busy lately that I forgot about scanning my system for such culprits. Indeed, you cannot be so safe even in the virtual world amidst being equipped with the latest gadgets. One has to do preventive and maintenance checks for assurance.

In life, you should always find time to secure your territory for safety and for victory as well. You cannot almost always rely on the usual. Amidst silence and normalcy, you should always be ready to better your defenses because enemies love to attack by surprise. Traitors as they are, you have to be prepared. Leeches lurks!