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Just two weeks ago, Sheryll, a classmate of mine from elementary to high school sent me a chat message via Facebook asking for some help. I failed to respond. Days after, I saw the images below in her photo tab about advocaTEE, her newest venture perhaps and so I checked. Guilty of non-response, I decided to blog about her baby!

I have yet to get full detail from her about advocaTEE so I can write more about it but one thing is for sure, the shirt designs are really great. I was planning to do the same business when I designed our AMP shirts last year and thought of distributing GAME SHIRTS for our internet gaming business but I was too busy. 

Anyway, I am writing this blog article not just to fulfill my promise to my Beauty Queen friend Sheryll that I will help promote her baby by blogging about it but because I personally like the concept itself. Cool and catchy! Imagine a shirt that can speak for you! Astig! So start wearing your advocacy… Get your advocaTEE now!

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