My One Year Old Photo12:00AM December 1, 2009. 19 days starting today and I will be turning 30. It’s indeed a day to celebrate yet a day to start thinking more as an old and mature person. I cannot afford to waste time anymore. I am turning 30 soon!

I can now feel all the pressure of having to achieve more and having to start building a legacy that I can leave not just to my family, friends and to our clan but to the entire community someday. It’s my time to shine more in my own centerstage!

3 decades of having a blessed life with more than half of it spent in school from elementary, highschool to college. A quarter of it spent as a toddler preparing for school and another quarter in the corporate world trying to work for a living.

In this post is a photo of me taken when I was more or less 1 year old. So many things have changed since then. From crawling, I am now able to stand by myself. I am not dressed with education and experience. I have indeed grown up. Life has taught me a lot about surviving and about loving. In good times and in bad times, I have surpassed my first 29 years as a strong and better man. I am turning 30.

Today, as I waited for the clock to strike midnight and welcome December 1, 2009, I decided to document my emotions. I am happy and I am excited but I am nervous as well. I know that I have a long way to go. The retirement age is 65 so I still have 35 years to work and achieve things before I get to go home with my retirement pay and do farming perhaps or publish future bestseller books with my family.

19 days before the big day indeed! I will be 30 years old. Thank you Lord!