It’s been more than a decade perhaps since we planned of putting up commercial stalls in front of our old house in the province. It was a decade ago since the first 3 stalls were built by my father and eventually were rented out for additional income. Little by little, my parents worked hard to put enhancements every year.

After that, my parents and siblings relocated while I got married and settled for employment in Manila. Flooding was also an issue. No one was left in our place except the tenants and our house helper who married a tenant’s nephew. She became the caretaker of our old house inside. Our place is just along the national highway.

Front Side View 

Just recently, my parents renovated the place and started putting up a second floor. My sister and I decided to put up an internet shop as well so my brother-in-law need not to work at SCTEX or in Manila far away from my nephew. It was also for us siblings to get into business and for the old house to be a home once again.

Just awhile ago, I tried playing with simple drawing tools like MS PAINT and SNAGIT to draft a plan for our place. I was not able to master AUTOCAD or PHOTOSHOP but I am good at DRAFTING way back my school days so I just thought of letting my ideas out. I did several drawings last year and just this summer in my notebook though.

Project Plan Floor Plan - Floor 1

Posted are some of the simple drawings I made awhile ago while chatting with my friend Jeff who also has a commercial property south of Manila. I wanted to illustrate to him what we are chatting about so I opened MS PAINT and SNAGIT to start drawing. After 5 minutes, I was able to make 5 art works. Hehehe! Great!

I wanted to have the second floor done with 3 stalls before I can get to build the third floor for stalls or perhaps a ladies’ dorm for SM employees. The old house can be demolished for parking or to build a new house. The said plan has to be applicable on the lot I purchased in the Davao area because I intend to build one there. Hehehe.  

Floor Plan - Floor 2 Floor Plan - Floor 3

Well, more than the floor plans and drawings, these MS PAINT ART WORKS detail a dream that I long to put into reality. I want to finish what my family started building more than a decade ago. I want to invest on it because more than the revenue that I will surely get out from this venture is the fulfillment of a dream for my family!