I was reading awhile ago about HOW TO BE AN INFLUENTIAL BLOGGER since I wanted to be one when I saw this great blog site from FATHER BLOGGER DOT COM. I got interested by the blogger’s ability to put simple yet effective content through a manner of writing that is narrative and fatherly. The blog is really inspiring!

Indeed, FATHER BLOGGER or MR. ANGEL CUALA in the real world is a true influential blogger deserving of such award as one of the TOP 10 EMERGING INFLUENTIAL BLOG OF 2009. Thus, I have decided to use and feature his blog article to share what he has to say for all of us young bloggers and emerging influential bloggers around.


fatherbloggercert First of all, I would like to say thank you to Ms. Janette Toral for uploading this video and to Roy of The Struggling Blogger for sharing the link to me. Anyway, this video is my speech last Saturday when my blog Father Blogger dot Com was chosen as one of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009.

The first part contains all the gratitude to those who helped me when my wife and daughter had Dengue fever. The second part explained my history in blogging, how I started, and all the hardships it encountered. This includes the extended support of my fellow Filipino bloggers to renew its domain and hosting service.

However, I think the best part is blogging tips that I shared. They are the ones I tried and proven effective, and I hope you can get something from them.

Choose a topic that you love most. Although there might be a lot of topics you love, you must choose the one you love the most. This topic may not belong to the top searches on search engines, but so be it. It’s hard to win in a stiff competition that you are not fully prepared, and when you cannot give your one hundred percent. You can never influence anyone to something that you are not really enjoying.

Create unique and useful posts. The uniqueness of your posts don’t just mean that you should not copy and paste. It also means that the readers should feel that each post is your signature that they cannot find elsewhere, and only you can do it. The usefulness however means that your posts should have a great influence to the readers. It is always better if you can create ageless post so that even the next generation can also use them.

Be sincere in promoting your blog. There are a lot of ways to promote your blog, and I truly believe that the time to blog is 80% and only 20% in writing contents. However, it is useless to promote your blog blatantly. If you keep on leaving comments just to promote your blog, you will be accused of spamming. If you socialize with people just to advertise your blog, people will avoid you. For me, the best promotional technique is to give people what they need and do it with sincerity.

Inspire your readers. I did not touch this blog more than one month due to time and monetary concerns, and I only read comments and moderate them. I was surprised to know I have been inspiring my readers, and they are looking forward to my next posts. I was even surprised when it was nominated and won the recent contents. Therefore, it will also be a lesser job for you to promote your blog.

Attend blogging events. This may be optional to some, but it was very advantageous to me. After attending my first blogging event last year, I felt that I am now a legitimate blogger. It created a wonderful feeling inside to see your readers in person, as well as the ones you admired. Great contents may be influential, but talking directly and exchanging smiles is more influential. There you are, and I hope I inspired you especially those who want to start a blog. But if you are having a hard time with the video, here is the link at You Tube .

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