I cannot write anymore about this. Much has been said both online, in prints and via television. I feel sorry for the loss of lives due to conflicts brought about by the overwhelming clamor for power and territory of the few. We need to put a stop to all these senseless deaths. We need to act now!


Maguindanao Massacre - 60Maguindanao Massacre - 61 Maguindanao Massacre - 62Maguindanao Massacre - 63 Maguindanao Massacre - 64Maguindanao Massacre - 65 Maguindanao Massacre - 66Maguindanao Massacre - 67 Maguindanao Massacre - 68Maguindanao Massacre - 69 Maguindanao Massacre - 70Maguindanao Massacre - 71 Maguindanao Massacre - 72Maguindanao Massacre - 73 Maguindanao Massacre - 74Maguindanao Massacre - 75 Maguindanao Massacre - 76Maguindanao Massacre - 78 Maguindanao Massacre - 79Maguindanao Massacre - 80 Maguindanao Massacre - 81Maguindanao Massacre - 83 Maguindanao Massacre - 84Maguindanao Massacre - 85 Maguindanao Massacre - 86r2525913258


Ampatuan Davao Mansion Mayor Andal Ampatuan Jr.Mastermind Arrested?Andal Ampatuan Jr.

Ampatuan Jr., accompanied by Jesus Dureza, presidential adviser on Mindanao, arrived in General Santos at 12:25 p.m., clad in polo-shirt, long pants, black jacket and his face covered with a turban. He was handed over to Justice Secretary Agnes Devanadera who would bring the local official to Manila onboard a private plane.

Witness said that all the slain women were raped. The 100 armed men never asked why, they just followed orders from Andal Ampatuan, Jr. He mentioned that they were not able to finish the job of burying all the dead and their vehicles because soldiers were coming. The witness said that their group do have connections with military in reference to the heinous crime committed.

A man who says he was a witness to Monday’s massacre in the southern Philippines has told Al Jazeera how he was ordered to kill members of a rival political clan – including women and children – and to make sure no evidence was left behind.

capt_420bd19768ed4cb99bc2dc74ee69677d_philippines_hostages_killed_xaf114capt_61867198d8c54cf3af812d18c4c5942d_philippines_hostages_killed_xaf110 Maguindanao Massacre 6Maguindanao Massacre 7

I need not to shout more! I need not to name names and put too much detail as well because each article would narrate the same story. The PHOTOS & VIDEOS below should tell us all what really happened on that fateful day plus the videos I have posted in this blog entry. I am for what is right. I write for justice and peace. I go for the truth!

Maguindanao Massacre 8 by J CarinoMaguindanao Massacre 4

This incident should be a wake-up call for all of us that Mindanao is also a part of the Philippines. This massacre in Maguindanao is a clear sign of the failure of our government to put law, justice and order in a land rich with culture, resources and people! This has to be addressed and now is the time for the government to work!

God bless our Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao! God bless our country!

Maguindanao Massacre

Some other photos obtained from other blogs and website are used below. Ownerships of the said materials are retained by respective photographers and media firms. Thank you. I hope that this will be a wake-up call for our government officials both in the senate, congress and at the palace to ensure that the law is implemented.


Maguindanao Massacre 3Maguindanao Massacre 2 Maguindanao Massacre - 11Maguindanao Massacre - 22Maguindanao Massacre - 09Maguindanao Massacre - 04 Maguindanao Massacre - 28Maguindanao Massacre - 31Maguindanao Massacre - 33Maguindanao Massacre - 35 Maguindanao Massacre - 37Maguindanao Massacre - 45Maguindanao Massacre - 46Maguindanao Massacre - 47 Maguindanao Massacre - 48Maguindanao Massacre - 49Maguindanao Massacre - 52Maguindanao Massacre - 53 Maguindanao Massacre - 54Maguindanao Massacre - 55


Photos recently taken on YAHOO PHILIPPINES with due credits to AP PHOTOS, GETTY IMAGES, REUTERS, etc. showing how the perpetrators tried to cover-up their evil deeds by crushing vehicles using a government-owned equipment and burying them afterwards in a shallow pit along with passengers inside. This heinous crime is something that we cannot just forget and leave for now. Justice has to be served!

Buried Vehiclecapt_2e6f1e14c6a1478f93918b3340b6869b_philippines_hostages_killed_xbm107 capt_4af56a2acff249c98b918361b53bc443_philippines_hostages_killed_xbm106capt_7b75e4b1b1ac49fdbee429c93930971b_philippines_hostages_killed_xaf108 capt_25bd1d51bd2641f68700cf35bf11188b_philippines_hostages_killed_xaf121capt_53bb00a411c541b7be657633a3b4c71c_philippines_hostages_killed_xaf116 capt_420bd19768ed4cb99bc2dc74ee69677d_philippines_hostages_killed_xaf114capt_61867198d8c54cf3af812d18c4c5942d_philippines_hostages_killed_xaf110 capt_a4a32f5e9b9b4f6cbdc6e43cd8a93d18_philippines_hostages_killed_xaf109capt_dab3699a8eb6481d8e6d33260b6b2589_philippines_hostages_killed_xaf117 r2525913258r3241852518


WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS BELOW. Dead bodies lie on the ground near their vehicles at the crime scene of a massacre of a political clan that included several journalists in the outskirts of Ampatuan, Maguindanao in southern Philippines November 24, 2009. The Philippines sacked the provincial police chief and sent hundreds of extra troops to a southern region on Tuesday where gunmen killed at least 24 people in the worst-ever election related violence in the country. On Monday, about 100 gunmen abducted a group of people going to file a nomination for the provincial governor’s post in Maguindanao. A group of about 40 people, including women and local journalists, were taken away by gunmen who opened fire on them, investigators said. A local leader said four survivors were in hiding.

Maguindanao Massacre - 01Maguindanao Massacre - 02 Maguindanao Massacre - 03Maguindanao Massacre - 05 Maguindanao Massacre - 06Maguindanao Massacre - 07 Maguindanao Massacre - 08Maguindanao Massacre - 10 Maguindanao Massacre - 12Maguindanao Massacre - 13 Maguindanao Massacre - 14Maguindanao Massacre - 15 Maguindanao Massacre - 16Maguindanao Massacre - 17 Maguindanao Massacre - 18Maguindanao Massacre - 19 Maguindanao Massacre - 20Maguindanao Massacre - 21 Maguindanao Massacre - 23Maguindanao Massacre - 24


How come when TED FAILON was tagged as a SUSPECT, every policeman in the country was in search for him? No evidence was found but still he was invited to the PNP station and treated as a SUSPECT although INNOCENT. Right?

How come ERAP was arrested the day the government instructed PNP to arrest him even if there were NO DIRECT EVIDENCE that he was indeed responsible for the crime accused to him by other equally-corrupt politicians?

How come some ordinary people can get arrested just by mere suspicion and others are not because they are powerful and favored by the government? The Law should be fair and it should be applied to all regardless of social status!


Maguindanao Massacre - 25Maguindanao Massacre - 26 Maguindanao Massacre - 29Maguindanao Massacre - 30Maguindanao Massacre - 32Maguindanao Massacre - 34Maguindanao Massacre - 36Maguindanao Massacre - 38Maguindanao Massacre - 39Maguindanao Massacre - 40Maguindanao Massacre - 41Maguindanao Massacre - 42Maguindanao Massacre - 43Maguindanao Massacre - 44Maguindanao Massacre - 50Maguindanao Massacre - 51Maguindanao Massacre - 56Maguindanao Massacre - 57Maguindanao Massacre - 58Maguindanao Massacre - 59 


I have selected some video footages from news reports via YOUTUBE as well for those who wish to know more about what really happend but do not have time to read long news articles or search YOUTUBE and GOOGLE for news items. I hope that this incident will push us more to vote wisely come election this 2010!

Note: All photos were obtained from other news-blog sites and some via TWITPICS from ANC (ancalerts)with Photo 8 coming from Jorge Carino. Ownerships retained by photographers and media firms. The same is true for videos grabbed at YOUTUBE.

Major Photo Sources: AP PHOTOS – Aaron Favila / GETTY IMAGES – Jeoffrey Maitem / REUTERS – Erik de Castro / ANC