Just recently, my high school batch president decided to delegate a task to me of creating a design for our reunion tickets. I was the class’ national artist way back so perhaps that’s what hinted her from giving me such an assignment. Hehehe.

     Ticket 5

Well, I took the task. I’m trying to play with RED, WHITE and BLACK for our REUNION TICKET DESIGN. I’m hoping that some of you can give me TIPS on how to make our TICKET simple and catchy but not too crowded. See actual size above.

I have prepared 3 designs as draft but I added 3 more. I need to refine them still as we may need to have them printed soon. I want to incorporate the BARCODE concept because I see it cool. For designs with no venue, see Back Cover Options 1 & 2.

Design 1 & Design 2

Ticket 1Ticket 2

Design 3 & Design 4

Ticket 3Ticket 4

Design 5 & Design 6 

Ticket 5Ticket 6

Back Cover Option showing Venue for Design 1-3

Back Cover 1Back Cover 2

I want Design 2 or 6 actually but Design 5 will do as well. Thanks to MS PAINT for the quick design and SNAG-IT for allowing me to add text with shadows. I have no Photoshop installed and if I have, I am not good with it. Hehehe.

I am posting this blog entry for my batch mates so they can check the designs, review and pick one for printing but readers are welcome to give their inputs as well. Please drop your suggestions as comments. Thank you very much!