It is in his bloodline. It is his heritage.

For Senator Benigno "Noynoy" C. Aquino III, democracy restored must be defended without fear and guarded with greatest fervor.

However, while he is a staunch advocate of liberal democracy, he is also a fiscalizer who relentlessly espouses public accountability.

His key legislative initiatives are anchored on the protection of human rights and good governance through increased transparency and public accountability. These are founded on the democratic ideals championed by his parents, former Senator and martyr Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino, Jr. and former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino.

A true working democracy, he says, makes possible not only political freedoms but a better life for all Filipinos. It must be able to provide jobs, education, social services and equitable economic prosperity for everyone, not just the rich, privileged few.

The defense of democracy nearly cost Noynoy his life. He was almost killed during the military coup against President Aquino in 1990 when he met retreating rogue soldiers at the front gates of Malacañang. Three of his bodyguards died while he suffered five bullet wounds. A bullet is still embedded in his neck.

Noynoy served as Congressman of the 2nd District of Tarlac from 1998 to 2007. In 2004, he was stripped of his prestigious post as Deputy House Speaker for Luzon after he joined leaders of the Liberal Party (LP) in calling for the resignation of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo at the height of the “Hello Garci” scandal.

In May 2007, he ran for Senator and won, placing 6th in the national elections.

As a Senator in the 14th Congress, he chairs the Senate Committee on Local Government.

In the Liberal Party, Senator Aquino held various positions such as Secretary General and Vice Chairman. He is now Party’s Executive Vice President.

Noynoy is a graduate of Economics at the Ateneo de Manila University. He fancies Chinese food and is a shooting and billiards enthusiast.



For over ten years, Noynoy Aquino has been a representative of the people in both houses of Congress. His top priority has always been to continue the legacy of his parents, Ninoy and Cory Aquino, who, as the country’s democratic stalwarts, fought bravely to promote a just and free society.

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Productivity Incentives Bill

The Budget Impoundment Control Act Which Seeks To Strengthen Legislative Oversight Over Executive Spending

An Act Limiting The Re-Appointment Of Presidential Nominees Bypassed By The Commission On Appointments (CA)

An Act Banning The Re-appointment Of A Regular Member Of The Judicial And Bar Council (JBC) Who Has Already Served The Full Term

An Act Requiring The Regular Maintenance And Preservation Of All Public Infrastructures, Establishing Mechanisms For Its Implementation And For Other Purposes

An Act Increasing The Penalties For Non-Compliance Of The Prescribed Increases And Adjustments In The Wage Rates of Workers, Amending for the Purpose Republic Act No. 6727 or the “Wage Rationalization Act.”

An Act Adopting the Doctrine Of Superior Responsibility To All Actions Involving Military Personnel, Members Of The Philippine National Police And Other Civilians Involved In Law Enforcement

An Act Amending Section 4 Of RA 9184, Otherwise Known As The Government Procurement Reform Act To Further Restrict Exemptions To The Requirement Of Public Bidding

An Act Amending The DILG Act To Further Clarify The Relationship Between Local Chief Executives And Their Respective Local Police Chiefs


Senate Resolution No. 190 investigating the exercise and implementation of the powers of local chief executives under the Local Government Code

Senate Resolution No. 229 directing the appropriate Senate committees to conduct an inquiry, in aid of legislation, on the circumstances leading to the arrest and ‘processing’ of journalists and media personalities after the Manila Peninsula standoff on 29 November 2007

Senate Resolution No. 402 directing the Committee on Local Government to investigate in aid of legislation, on the implementation of Republic Act No. 7279 otherwise known as the urban development and housing act (UDHA) of 1992

Senate Resolution No. 819 directing the appropriate Senate Committees to conduct an inquiry, in aid of legislation, on the need for Congress to submit to the electorate, through the may 2010 national elections, the question of calling a Constitutional Convention, or, to legislate the holding of a Constitutional Convention and the election of delegates simultaneous with the May 2010 national elections and for other purposes.

Senate Resolution No. 819 directing the proper Senate committee to investigate in aid of legislation, the implementation of Republic Act No. 7183 “An Act Regulating The Sale, Manufacture, Distribution And Use Of Firecrackers And Other Pyrotechnic Devices” particularly on the implementation of its safety guidelines by the duly-mandated authorities

Senate Resolution No. 975 directing the Committee On Local Government to investigate in aid of legislation, the implementation of Section 393 (b) (4) and Section 434 of Republic Act No. 7160 “The Local Government Code” on the exemption of certain barangay officials and their legitimate children and Sangguniang Kabataan officials from the payment of tuition and matriculation fees from state colleges and universities.

Senate Resolution No. 1047 directing the proper committee to investigate in aid of legislation the arrest made by officers of the former Magdalo soldiers for allegedly plottin a rescue attempt of detained Magdalo soldiers.

Senate Resolution No. 1037 directing the appropriate committee to investigate in aid of legislation the gun smuggling incident in Mariveles, Bataan as it affects the existing gun amnesty program and the proposal to grant freeport status to the Bataan Economic Zone.


National Budget

By vigorously examining the national budget proposed by the Executive every year, Senator Aquino was able to propose key amendments to the 2009 GAA that seek to tighten congressional oversight on the executive’s use of public funds.

Champion of Human Rights and People’s Participation

At the heart of all legislative and policy-making initiatives is the development and welfare of the people. Senator Aquino has sought the proper relocation of informal settlers and the delineation of authority of parties involved in demolitions such as the MMDA. The bill amending the UDHA is currently underway.

Through his privilege speeches, Senator Aquino has drawn attention to the plight of desaparecidos and victims of extra-judicial killings.

He introduced substantial amendments to the Cooperative Code to make it more responsive to the needs of the marginalized sector for which the code was enacted. They are meant to strengthen the cooperative movement by providing for transparent measures for members and officers of cooperatives.

He is also part of the bicameral debates on the Anti-Torture Act.

Accountability to the People

Senator Aquino actively participated in the hearings that investigated a number of reported scandals involving the alleged misuse of public funds, such as the ZTE-NBN deal, the Euro Generals and the Fertilizer Fund scam. These hearings brought to light the need for increased transparency and accountability in the disbursal of taxpayers’ money.

Integrity of the Senate

The series of scandals that stain the reputation of our government has also challenged the Senate of the Philippines as an institution. The recent attempts to amend the Constitution, for instance, have compelled our Senators, including Senator Aquino, to firmly assert their defiant stand on this issue.

Energy Sector

Senator Aquino has been vigilant in the hearings regarding the sale of TRANSCO and PNOC-EDC. Much of his time and energy was spent on the EPIRA and TRANSCO amendments, questioning the sale of revenue generating assets prior to the privatization of key government corporations. Senator Aquino sought clarification as to whether the sales of these assets were part of a long-term energy development plan or not to ensure that the long-term impact of losing these assets have been considered prior to their sales.

National Integrity

Senator Aquino voted “NO” to the controversial JPEPA because he believed that the Filipino people deserved a better negotiated and mutually beneficial treaty.



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Privilege Speeches

Speech delivered by Sen. Benigno S. Aquino III on the occasion of Ninoy Aquino’s 24th Death Anniversary, Session Hall, Senate of the Philippines, August 21, 2007

“In Honor of My Father and Mother”, a privilege speech delivered by Senator Benigno S. Aquino III, Session Hall, Senate of the Philippines, August 19, 2009

Vote Explanation

Senator Benigno S. Aquino III explains his vote on the JPEPA, Session Hall, October 8, 2008

Senator Benigno S. Aquino III explains his vote on the TRANSCO franchise bill, Session Hall, November 17, 2008

Ninoy Aquino Day

Speech of Senator Noynoy Aquino on Ninoy Aquino’s 24th Death Anniversary, delivered at the Session Hall, Senate of the Philippines, August 21, 2007

Speech of Senator Noynoy Aquino on Ninoy Aquino’s 25th Death Anniversary, delivered at the Church of the Gesu, Ateneo de Manila University, August 17, 2008

Speech of Senator Noynoy Aquino on Ninoy Aquino’s 26th Death Anniversary, delivered at the Ninoy Aquino Monument on Ayala Avenue, Makati City, August 21, 2009


Speech delivered by Senator Benigno S. Aquino III At the World Forum for Democratization in Asia, Sofitel Philippine Plaza, September 21, 2007

“Bringing Back The Power Of The Purse To Congress” delivered by Senator Benigno S. Aquino III at the Budget Forum on Reforming The Power of the Purse, Sulo Hotel, December 5, 2008