In fairness, time has been so kind to me. I may have experienced everything and having been to all the extremes of life, I’m a survivor. A VP once asked me if I’m the type of guy that will swim when thrown in any body of water, I said yes although I’m not a good swimmer. Hahaha. Well, I can suit any situation. Indeed, no pain, no gain! I am thankful that life made me even more competent and stronger. God is good!


Always believe in yourself and you will definitely make it no matter how hard the challenges can be! Do not be intimidated by the tides of darkness and failure because they are intended to make you more stronger to win your battles. Trust your capabilities. Know your weaknesses. Strive hard to improve and grow. Victory nears those who works hard to achieve one. Just my two cents!


Forgetfulness. A gift of God bestowed upon debtors in compensation for their destitution of conscience. Well, Ambrose Bierce was right! I wonder if people will get to remember settling off their debts than hiding in the shadows of "intentional forgetting". Our folks taught us to always return whatever is borrowed. I wonder if some really grew up orphaned that they missed such teaching! Tsk. THE CREDIT COLLECTOR. Bow!