It was only recently that I happen to have watched a movie about this great game they call POKER and how it change life for some who made it more than a game but a way of living. I have watched a similar movie on my way to Europe but it was about black jack and the use of mathematics and some tricks to win the game.

Both the game uses practical wit more than mathematics or any analytical skills. One needs to be good in reading minds and blinding the perception of others in order to win. Bluffing is a primary skill set that is very vital for a victory with Poker. Each player projects to deceive and intimidate opponents. Thus, each becomes a POKER FACE!

Beyond such a game, every move used in Poker depicts something similar to life in reality. How some tends to use bluffing to gain their way towards success and how some outwit others to obtain and retain life’s glory to please the world. It is hard to know who they are but definitely, the world was made abundant of POKER FACES!

Is there anything else as sweet as having to succeed in life and enjoy all the fruits of one’s hard work and perseverance because you know that you truly deserve all the glory because you have invested time, resources and effort in reaching your goal? Perhaps some may prefer having to enjoy success less efforts and hard work! Hmp.

How I wish I can be rich enough without having to work for so many hours of my life and have all the luxuries of life less all the hardships. I can bluff people and oversell my profile. I can be who I am not and please people to level up my status. I can outwit everyone too. But then again… I rather be a simple geek than be a POKER FACE!