It’s 7:22AM and I just finished watching GMA 7’s UNANG HIRIT. It was on the segment ONE ON ONE WITH EGAN that I saw how a presidential son and a current congressman be grilled on a national TV for an alleged undeclared beach house in the US and for some unexplained surge in income and assets in his annual SALN or Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth. Well, he came with no lawyer and he seem to have been unprepared… AS FAR AS I AM CONCERN (well, his statement usually starts with it).

Mikey ArroyoWell, Cong. Juan Miguel Arroyo or publicly known as Mikey Arroyo indeed looked a little lousy explaining his side because he refused to name people who were his co-incorporators in the alleged corporation where that beach house belongs to. More so, he publicly stated that it is a known scheme for politicians to declare corporations and put ownership of assets in them to make filing easier. He as well explained that the surge in his net worth came from gifts when he married and when he ran for election.

Well, Mareng Winnie or Winnie Monsod was really good at grilling him but in fairness, it seems that the presidential son was not given enough time to answer each question because every time he opens his mouth to answer back, Mareng Winnie would fire another question and it seem a little funny. It is good that Pareng Egan or Arnold Clavio was able to equalize the interview session though it is quite visible how the congressman got a bit sarcastic. He should have brought a lawyer with him!


Mikey Arroyo got almost irritated. As a viewer, I saw in him a typical individual carelessly answering back to elders when caught red-handed with no more alibi. He was impatiently and sarcastically telling the hosts if it is okay now for him to answer the questions because every time he attempts to, he gets another question. Hahaha.

Well, I think that there are some anomalies indeed that we have to investigate but perhaps we also need to put things in the proper forum as educated people and not mere put justice in a trial by publicity. As for Mikey Arroyo, he should have went on air with a lawyer with him because what he did awhile ago was a media suicide. Instead oh clearing himself, he exposed himself more to scrutiny and doubts.

Well, he seems to have not practiced last night in answering such questions shelled by the hosts. He looked as if a student grilled in the Principal’s Office. As how Mikey stated his side, he has challenged the public that if they suspect any malice and fault in his SALN, then they better sue him so he can face them legally. Anyway. that is fine since I am sure that he has the entire government especially the administration to back him up. Besides, he is still his mother’s eldest son to protect!


But then again, this call is a little futile now because it will just end up being junked same as the other past scandals that we have seen filed against other known politicians of bad reputations and with the Presidential Family as well. It is sad but then we cannot blame the public if indeed we see that justice is blind especially when the crime is committed by the individuals in power.

Remember the NBN-ZTE scandal, HELLO GARCI scandal, the FERTILIZER scandal and the 1M DOLLAR DINNER issue that all were just forgotten after the government asked its unprepared troops to do a suicide mission in the lair of the ABU SAYYAF only to be massacred and end up shifting the public attention from the real issues? Thanks to the soldiers who risked their lives to make a new headline and save the administration.

Well, I am just sharing my opinion. I still have high hopes for the government though. I just wish that the MEDIA will somehow give a fair venue for everyone both GOOD and EVIL. This will make us all judge each issue fairly and with justice. I also pray that all GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS should as well serve the people well as per their mandate. By doing so, we can all focus on nation-building rather than going in circles from one scandal after another.

Besides, PUBLIC SERVANTS should SERVE THE PUBLIC and not the other way around. Right?