Imagine the convenience of having your computer anywhere with you without the extra weight? Imagine having to scrap the whole idea of bringing a memory stick and risking your sensitive documents and photos due to theft or accidental loss?

In the advent of advanced web computing, there are several web services that offers virtual computing where one just need to have an internet browser to login to his virtual computer anytime and anywhere as if he has his own computer with him.


I saw G.HO.ST months ago in a magazine featuring free and cool web services. I tried it but never got into it because the concept was new to me then. I thought it was just another social networking site or perhaps a look-alike of CITRIX.

G.HO.ST is a free virtual computing service pronounced as “ghost” that contains almost everything you would have in a computer – a desktop, a file storage and applications and all is hosted in a professional data center forming the concept of “cloud” computing.

Just this morning, I saw my brother-in-law use his G.HO.ST account and I thought of getting myself into the tool once again. Well, after hours of getting around with it, I have decided to take screenshots so I can share the good news to you all.


In the image above, you can see the login screen once you browse for HTTP://G.HO.ST and sign-up as how you would do with your email accounts. Note that you will need to provide an email account and access an activation email to proceed.


Once logged-in, you will see a virtual desktop much like your REAL COMPUTER. The interface is much like WINDOWS VISTA but it is as if you are using yet another LINUX DISTRO with tons of free applications and good features.

For productivity, it has some applications much like OFFICE TOOLS called ZOHO WRITER as an alternative for MS WORD, ZOHO SHEETS for MS EXCEL and ZOHO SHOW for MS POWERPOINT. Great thing about this is that you need not to spend for licenses!


Notice that there are tools as well for INSTANT MESSAGING and EMAIL. I have seen as well some MULTIMEDIA APPLICATIONS and other softwares useful for one’s daily tasks. Again, it is like having a virtual computer or rather your physical computer with you.


Well, for G.HO.ST to be cool, it has to have games! Indeed, after navigating with its menu, I saw this KONGREGATE GAMES with tons of games in it. There are even ONLINE GAMES much like ADVENTURE QUESTS and other MMORPG GAMES famous nowadays. 


Well, I won’t be as pleased with it if not for its INTERNET BROWSER called G.HO.ST browser  because now I can access FACEBOOK and play MAFIA WARS, FARM TOWN and even open up MMORPG games. Now, I just need to test if it would bypass the office firewall!!!

G.HO.ST is a good web service not just to individuals but to INTERNET CAFE BUSINESSES as well since MS OFFICE LICENSE is quite expensive if you have more than 10 computers. Thus, this would be a good and legit alternative for document processing.

CNET Sample

I have yet to explore much of it but in the long run, I will have to publish more good news and reviews about it and about other good web offerings. So What are you waiting for? Get your own account now and start having your own virtual computer anytime, anywhere!

By the way, as you create your own account, please do not forget to include me as your REFEROR once you configure your account! You may use my G.HO.ST account ID for this once you are asked. Remember, my account is RYANERICSONGCANLAS@G.HO.ST! Cheers!