Mafia Wars - Stronger Every Day

I just won 3 wars. I have been playing MAFIA WARS for 4 days now as a NEWBIE at Level 26 with 160-strong Mafia. The statistic is not so bad for someone who has been new to the game. MAFIA WARS is really addictive.

Mafia Wars 2

I cannot forget the very first time I clicked DECLARE WAR by mistake. I was into a war with my friend MIKE. I won. Hahaha. The 2nd time, I tried it once again with my brother-in-law RYAN. I won. Hahaha.

So yesterday, I tried initiating another war with a female classmate I had way back in high school and she’s RYA. Again, I won. Hahaha. Thanks to my supportive MAFIA FAMILY! Thus, I coined a new creedo – IN UNITY, THERE IS VICTORY!

Mafia Wars

Indeed, UNITY is the key to this game. Same as the PC game LEFT 4 DEAD where TEAM WORK is important for you to win a battle. With MAFIA WAR, your strength is the summation of all the capabilities of your friends under your MAFIA.

Way back in high school, the term – “IN UNITY, WE PASSED!” is often used after exams because the class would almost always unite in passing answers so everyone will get to pass an exam. In short, they all cheat to help one another. Hahaha.

In the real world of grown-ups, we all need to learn how to UNITE and HELP one another to achieve a common goal. Acting as one, whether you are strong and powerful will not warrant success. You need others to ensure that you will win.

Thus, MAFIA WARS is not only a game that entertains and robs time as well but it is a game that provides a venue for people to learn the concept of UNITY, TEAM WORK and CARE FOR FELLOW MAFIAS. Hehehe.

This explains why I am a little lame lately to write blog entries and post tweets. I found another diversion and I was too challenged to ladder up and win. Hahaha. Anyway, I will find time soon. After I reach Level 100. Hahaha. Cheers!