Hi there! It’s almost 4AM and I am still up on my Day 3 of struggling to reach the high ranks among mobsters. Welcome to MAFIA WARS! This great game from Zynga accessible via Facebook is one of the hottest online games made available through a social network platform. One has to try it to appreciate it. It is a game that challenges your EGO less the graphic features. It makes adult people kids again. Hehehe.

I have been a fanatic of FARM TOWN so I usually rejected some invites before to play MAFIA WARS. Besides, without the animation, it seems to be a boring game for me… not until I tried playing it! I got so addicted that even at Level 11, I waged a war by accident with a friend who is already at Level 186 with almost twice the size of my Mafia. The result… I won! Hahaha. Thus, I got more addicted to it.

Being new to this, I usually chat with friends about the game and all the How To’s until I decided to just do my own reading. Thus, I read the HOW TO PLAY page and I have decided to capture the information so I can share it here in my blog. Nonetheless, ownership of such information is retained by Zynga and Facebook so due credit is given. Perhaps, by doing so, I could gain more members in my MAFIA! Hehehe.


Mafia Wars

MAFIA WARS – Fact Sheet

Crime Jobs

A mobster’s gotta work! Crime jobs are a great way to earn cash and experience, especially when you’re getting your start. Some jobs require certain items, properties, or mafia size to complete. New jobs become available as you progress through the game by completing jobs, earning cash and expanding your mafia size. Use that cash to buy the tools you need to perform bigger and better jobs for a bigger payoff.

Staying Alive, Stay Fighting, Stay On Top! 
In order to do anything from picking a job to picking a fight you need to maintain your health, energy and stamina. You need your health to stay alive in fights and to avoid getting knocked down from a sucker punch. You’ll need your energy to complete jobs and should you get nabbed by the cops – to break out of jail! You’ll need stamina to keep fighting. Earn cash and experience by performing jobs and picking fights! You need experience points to move up to the next level and become a more powerful criminal.

Hit List

Check here to find out who’s got a bounty on their head, and make sure you’re not one of them! A successful hit will earn you a nice cash reward. Keep in mind being a bounty hunter will earn you easy cash, but every other mafia will be able to view the same Marked Men – first come, first served. You can place a mark on most players in your same level range from their Mafia profile as long as you’ve got the stamina and the money to pay out for a bounty.


Real estate is a great way to earn quick, steady and reliable cash and street credit. Owning properties is where the real cash is at! Properties generate recurring income that can be used to finance your criminal activates. The more properties you own, the more money will continue to roll in.

The Bank

The streets are rough, and rival mafias are everywhere. You can safe guard your cash at the bank, but after laundering and the bank’s cut, you’ll lose about 10%. But better lose it to the bank than on the streets because during fights, you can’t lose money you have in the bank!

The Godfather

Any made man knows that when you need a little help, you go to The Godfather. He’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse. The Godfather can assist you by rise quickly through the ranks by giving you cash, energy or more members power up your mafia fast. You can help The Godfather out by donating or filling out offers. I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to return the favor…


  • If you purchased reward points with your credit card or Paypal: Fill out a Support Ticket
  • If you have completed offers with Super Rewards and you are missing the points have to send a request to them for help. In order to do this you will need to go to the Points page and click on "Missing Points". This will display a list of offers that you have clicked on. Find the offer that you believe you completed and click "Missing these reward points". In the form that comes up paste the confirmation email that you received for completing the offer. They will then process this request and award you the points if they find that you completed it.

The Hospital

Every now and then you’re bound to get caught up in a back alley beating or drive by shooting. When you’re feeling down and low on health, visit the Hospital to pay off the doctor to get patched up and back on the streets, and off the books.


There’s a war going on outside! Fight it out with other Mafia Families for honor and fame. It’s your family versus theirs: each member of your Mafia is armed with the best offensive and defensive weapons you’ve got and same deal for your opponent. You should try to have at least one offensive weapon, one defensive weapon, and one vehicle for each member of your family. Pick fights to win cash and bragging rights on the streets.


Where you buy and sell items. Shows the items that are available and the quantity you own. More items become available as you progress through the game.

Your Mafia Members

In Mafia Wars, you’re only as strong as your family. Mafia members are essential for doing jobs and fighting other families. If your Mafia is low on members, you can recruit more.


When you gain enough experience to increase in level, you are awarded upgrade points that you can use to improve your character’s attributes.


Source: FACEBOOK & MAFIA WARS (http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/)