It’s almost 6:00AM. It’s Wednesday. I have not had any sleep yet because of my insomnia and my addiction to MAFIA WARS and FARM TOWN! Thanks to FACEBOOK! I had to be as old as 29 to be like my 9-year old son again – playful and childlike. Hahaha. Anyway, work has never been so easy lately because of technology. Imagine the facility for “work from home” and all the remote control tools enabling a consultant to manage multi-billion systems in Europe here in the Philippines while watching a DVD movie! Great!

I may be home for some of the days of the week and I may be out during weekends on business travels but still, the power of technology has given me the convenience to bridge all my priorities in life. Being an IT Professional is something I never dreamed of because I wanted to be a lawyer but still it is a blessing for showing me a lot of what people can do. Besides, I need not to be on court hearings each day far away from my family to earn a living. I can be at the office or at home and still I will earn enough to fulfill my dreams for them.

Anyway, I am the morning captain for today. I already got the marinated chicken out of the freezer for thawing and I have already cooked rice. Since our last house helper abandoned her work all because of love, my wife and I have decided to divide the work among us and this initiative includes our only son. We did not bother to hire a nanny anymore because the last one stole cash and belongings that cause a little trauma for us as employers. Thus, we had to try it this time on our own.

Few more minutes and our bedroom’s alarm clock will ring. Before that, I need to make sure that breakfast is ready and that the “baons” or lunch boxes are prepared as well. I had all the troubles at first but today, I have already leveled up as an expert with household chores. Besides, I grew up in a family where you cannot watch TV unless you are done with your tasks like dish washing or making sure that the floor is as shiny as the sun. Hahaha. I missed a lot of episodes of Daimos, Voltes V and Bioman because of this. Tsk.

Anyway, this blog entry is not meant to detail and point that I am beginning to be a certified “under-the-saya”. Hehehe. In a chauvinistic society, men who perform household chores regardless if they are senior managers or executives are almost always tagged as underdogs in their respective marriages because they rather give in and submit to their wives than act as the bosses. Well, this is concept that is not applicable nowadays and so I care less about it. Hehehe.

Besides, my father can cook better than my mom and he can even do the laundry fast and efficiently but he is the boss in our house. He has built enough houses and landmarks while being a contractor and has even drank truckloads of liquor already and attended enough “pordaboys” or clubbing so to speak that if I were to define the term “macho” in the Pinoy context, my dad would be the best example.

Anyway, it is quite weird that I do not feel tired at all though sleepless. Perhaps it is because I enjoy what I am doing. More than the businesses that I am into right now and some new project engagements I have both short-termed and long-term, I am happy. I have learned a lot from all my travels both local and abroad and the interactions I had with various clients of different nationalities. Thus, I now long to have more time with what matters most to me after having explored life as a career person and that is my family.

Sometimes we may fall too buried with work or in fulfilling our dreams as professionals that we seldom remember that there are more to life than promotions and career achievements. I may age someday and be weaker through the years but I will never ever be tired for my family because just like breathing and heartbeat, my family is what keeps me alive. I may feel sleepy in awhile after doing all my tasks as the morning captain for all the days to come, I will not tire and I will never be tired.