Palawan 2008 - 1 Palawan 2008 - 2 Palawan 2008 - 3 Palawan 2008 - 4

It’s been a year and until now, I really like viewing these 4 shots I took on a family vacation and tour in the islands of Palawan. I was in a hurry then because the tour was timed and my wife and son wanted to check other islands so I took a fancy camera I got from a recent trip and took 4 shots of the scenery as I head back to the boat.

It was only after we went back to Manila that among the hundreds of pictures that we took, the 4 shots above really impressed me. Unlike the good quality photos that I could have taken if I were using a DSLR, the shots above were simple yet contains so many thoughts about our trip and perhaps, about life.

Sometimes, in simplicity we miss some details because we got used to seeing things in a complex perspective. Same as in those photos, amidst the serene and calm environment stems a realization that indeed we have all that we need to reach our destination in this journey we called life.

The sky that provides an inspiration and an air to free one’s soul and the sea that calms the spirit seem so vibrant. The tree that gives comfort and life along the grass around signifies that we are alive indeed. Even in isolation, we were never left with no choice at all to break free whenever we want to.

Look at the log and even the two small boats. They offer the choices in life that we can take – either to push hard and fish lives or get a quick escape for leisure or for good. More so, even if we are to fail, there will always be a log floating around as our lifesaver. Life is full of simile and metaphor.

With all of these thoughts, the scene will never be complete without the beach sand that distinguishes the kind of battlefield one is into. In the end, all will settle down even in the midst of a stormy sea and strong tides because the sand will always make it to the shoreline no matter what. True indeed.