Today is yet another proof that indeed there friends who would stick to the creedo of leaving no man behind. Thus, I write this short note just to journal my thoughts on this special day.

EXIGO has been a special word for our MAFIA GROUP. I have googled EXIGO and its meaning months ago just to understand it and perhaps put a good use to it and a certain online latin dictionary defined the said word as:

EXIGO – verb, means: to drive out| expel; finish; examine| weigh

The word is a little bit catchy if it were to be used as a company name but still for me, I get to be reminded of two words – EXIT and GO! As the title of this blog entry would say, when all else fails, exit and go!

True indeed. Life has proven that there are people who would rather find and exit and go once they feel that the struggle is not anymore worth it or if they feel that victory is not clearly defined. Thus, risk is abandoned for safety.

For people like me who are willing to go for the extremes just to fight for a cause or to test the limits of life and all its concepts, EXIGO is simply synonymous to QUITTING! Too bad but I am not and I will never be a QUITTER of life!

Just thinking…