Jasmine Fiore Death Photo by TMZ

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As they say, no one can keep a skeleton in his closet forever because sooner or later, the stinks and all the mess inside will find its own way out. No one can suppress the truth and no one can hide from his own wrongdoings and escape the penalty of his crime. Besides, karma will always finds its way. Right? It may not be today or perhaps tomorrow but even if it will take years or decades, everyone will have its own karma.

jasmine_fioreJust recently, I have heard this news about Jasmine Fiore whose mutilated body was trashed in a bin stuffed inside a suitcase as seen in the photo above courtesy of TMZ. The killer tried to outwit justice by removing the victim’s teeth and fingers obviously to keep the corpse identity hidden. Besides, without fingerprints and teeth to match clinical records plus the long period one has to wait for a DNA trace, the criminal has all the time to find his way out and escape while everyone remains clueless.

Unfortunately for the killer and fortunately for the investigators and the family of the victim, the body was identified through the serial number found at the silicone breast implants of the swimsuit model – Jasmine Fiore. Thus, the body found stuffed in a suitcase and placed in a dumpster in Orange County was identified as the model.

Now, the investigation can proceed with a clear path towards pinning down the real culprit who did such a barbaric act to such a helpless woman last August 15, 2009. The criminal must have felt dumb upon learning about the silicone breast implant and perhaps he must have been into too much regret of not removing his victim’s breasts as well. At any rate, the lesson here is very clear… CRIME DOES NOT PAY!!!

Note: Images source via Google Search. TMZ photo of dead Jasmine Fiore obtained from Image seem to have been taken from a video footage so the quality was poor enough to hide details.