Just minutes ago, I got so disappointed at MCDO for a delayed order. Thus, I made a letter knowing that I will not let such a thing pass without lobbying a complaint and writing yet another novel out of it. Hmp! Anyway, this may be an isolated case but still, this has to be addressed before it becomes another usual bad practice.

Anyway, the point here is that we need to make companies big and small adhere to their promises be it just for marketing and sales strategy or something that they are indeed dedicated into fulfilling. We as consumers have the right to be assured of prompt service and quality products because we pay just and fair!



From: Ryan Ericson Canlas
Sent: Sunday, August 23, 2009 11:40 PM

To whom it may concern;

I would like to issue this complaint with regards to and McDonald’s poor delivery services. Just this evening at 9:00PM, my 9-year old son requested us to order him his favorite QUARTER POUNDER along with SPAGHETTI, MCFLURRY, LARGE FRIES and ICY BLUE SPRITE online. He was not feeling well due to stomach ache and vomiting so he requested us to buy him something to eat.

We live within Ortigas Center in Mandaluyong City and within the area; there are 6 McDonald stores around – the one in Emerald Ave., another along Shell Station in Meralco, another one in Pearl Drive, one in Edsa Central and two more at Robinson’s Galleria and SM Megamall. Thus, we know that if there would be any delay or failure in availability of one store for delivery, there are other alternatives.

At 9:20PM, we have received a call from the customer care of McDonald for order confirmation. It was mentioned that the nearest store lack the burger patty for QUARTER POUNDER so we instead ordered CHEESEBURGER DELUXE, SPAGHETTI, HOT FUDGE and LARGE FRIES. I was then advised of the bill and was asked to synchronize my timer. The time was 9:25PM and I was informed of a 45 minutes waiting time. Thus, we were to expect the order at 10:10PM at max.

My son almost fell asleep. At around 10:45PM, we called again 8-MCDO and the call center agent informed us that the order is yet to be delivered due to lack of delivery personnel. I commented that we should have at least been informed prior so we could have just cancelled the order and did not waste time waiting. I was informed that I will receive a call from the Store Manager. Thus, I waited.

At 11:00PM, my son was vomiting. He was looking for his request. To no avail, we just cooked him something instead. No call as received so I opened the computer and decided to write this email. As my son was dining with my wife, the delivery boy suddenly knocked to our door handing over our order. It was 11:15PM and the order arrived 65minutes late. I was a little mad but I could not blame the delivery boy.

We were told that we rather call the store as he pointed the phone number at the official receipt. The store that catered our order was at EDSA Central. (McDonald’s EDSA IT) made by a crew with ID "69 perry" encoded 23/08/2009 22:45:10 with OR # 032701500043318. In the receipt, it is very much visible that if we did not call for follow-up at 10:45PM, perhaps they would not have even processed the order.

After paying the bill, my wife called 6342718 to complain to the store manager. On my part, I wrote this complaint letter. She explained the issue and in the end, my wife even apologized if indeed her tone was a little bit high because we were waiting since 9:20PM until 11:15PM or almost 2 hours and our order arrived almost 65 minutes late as per promise.

We are not after a total refund although that should be automatic especially when the store is at fault. Time is being wasted here and that is something that is more precious than money. More so, my son had to stay up late knowing that he has to be on school early tomorrow. He was not feeling well and it was MCDO almost always that would cheer him up. We have been a regular patron of MCDO and this incident today is not a good thing to reward customers.

The inaction on the part of the store manager at EDSA Central branch is something that is very unprofessional. Being into the service industry myself, I know that at a point of failure when it comes to service delivery, communication to client is very critical. At 11:18PM, my wife was promised that we will be given a refund but damage has already been done. We just watched a great movie "UP" and now my wife and son had to sleep with bad moods because of all these.

The P191.40 bill of my son’s meal may be small but the time we had to waste waiting and the frustrations we had plus the failure of the store manager to call us is very much disappointing. Thus, we ask that service delivery be improved. I have read the terms and conditions under your website and at some point, there is a need to notify customers if in case that orders are cancelled or cannot be delivered. This is to avoid such incident as what we have encountered.

At least, some PIZZA companies would offer an extra PIZZA to compensate for any delays. Some would even be generous and polite in apologizing. As for MCDO, we never received such treatment. It is sad but this has to be addressed.


A Father and a Customer