It is almost 5AM. I still cannot sleep because of all the heavy loads on my shoulders now in this time of uncertainty and hardship. I cannot even pass any of the burden because I only have myself though I have my family behind me. With the type of person that I am, I rather carry a boulder with me than distribute each as small stones to people that I care and love. Besides, I was raised to be a person with strong value for accountability, responsibility and for taking the lead be it something that is rewarding or something that is hard to bear. I was made to carry things way beyond the normal.

Anyway, I know that at some point we all are responsible for whatever we are put into. Destiny is not something that you get once you are born but rather it is something that you make as you live day by day. Whatever that results is something that accords to the law of cause and effect. To put it in a single word, I call that as karma. It is something that is a result of whatever you do today. It is a thing that you can never escape from nor try to prevent unless you try to ensure that you do things today that you will never regret tomorrow. In short, whatever you do now will dictate whatever will happen to you tomorrow and all the succeeding days afterwards.

Perhaps, some may be laughing by now as they reap and enrich themselves todayfrom exploiting, defaming and destroying people’s lives but then again, all of them will have their own days to pay for all the miseries and wrongdoings that they have done to their fellowmen one or or the other. It may not be now but for sure, there will be a time for us to reap whatever we sow. Well, some may try to evade and escape but then again… would it not be rather painful if our karma is instead diverted to our immediate families or perhaps to our children? As I said, we cannot escape karma the same was as we cannot help but breath if we want to live still. It is a past of the cycle of life.

So as I read this and as I contemplate on my life and try to reflect on all the things I have done both past and present whether good or bad, I also pray that karma just like justice is served fairly and equitably. Perhaps, justice will remain a hard thing to attain in this world because only the powerful and the rich gets to be afforded such but then again, karma will always make justice accessible to all people especially to the less privileged in life – the poor and the weak. We may not be able to wage a battle against injustices and build an army as big as those from the enemy of morality and values but still I know that karma will give equal footing for us to win.

I have had my karma and I have paid as well for whatever wrong decisions or wrong actions I have done to myself and to others for almost less than 3 decades of my existence. Thus, time has taught me to be stronger and better as a person to lead the destiny that I have made for myself as I travelled the path I have take in this journey of life. I know that at some point, I have tried to be a good individual advocating what I believe is good for others amidst all the risks that I have to take just to voice for others. I fear nothing because I know that someday, all will be judged fairly and equally because karma will take care of whatever that needs to be taken cared of.