Michelle Obama Shorts

As I was opening my Yahoo Messenger early today, I got a dialog box of latest news updates. One of the headlines came with a photo of US First Lady Michelle Obama and then follows an article about the lady wearing shorts and all the comments about such.

For me, that is not an issue for as long as she does not end up buying a $20,000 shorts from the taxpayer coffers and wearing it in a state visit. Besides, the lady and her daughter were on their way to the Grand Canyon for a family weekend!

We need not to vote whether she should wear shorts or what because as an individual, she also has the right to wear anything that is suitable for the weather, for her convenience and for the activity she engages in.

She need no permission from us nor even from her husband, President Barack Obama on what clothes to wear because as a woman with good reputation, she knows what to wear and when to wear such an apparel.

Besides, would you want the world to vote first on what you should wear before get to wear one?  Perhaps because we have not been used to seeing royalties in their informal attires but still we need to respect as well that royalties have rights too!