During the death of former President Cory Aquino, I have published a blog entry based from a news article at Inquirer.net announcing the sad news entitled – CORY AQUINO DIES AT 76. It was something that came as a surprise not just to us but to the world.

I got so many comments in my entry as well as with other posts that I have published related to the topic thereafter. A lot of readers expressed sadness for the loss of an Icon of Democracy and Asia’s First Lady President.

On the other hand, remarks for appreciation as well for all the good things that Tita Cory made to our country were received except for one comment I got from a reader known only as SUPERCHURVACHENES with an email address of superchurvachenes@gmail.com under the IP address of

The person was speaking with so much hatred against Tita Cory and other known people as well like siblings Kris Aquino and Noy-Noy Aquino, the late Cardinal Sin and even all the priests. There was a criticism as well for Senator Enrile regarding his ad

That time I got so bothered that I tried to trace the IP address and its location and what surprised me was that the IP address registered CEBU as the location. Thus, I tried to reply back to SUPERCHURVACHENES for verification but to no avail.


At the same time, a reader named JOSHUA0011 with a blog at http://joshua0011.multiply.com shared the same objections that I have over the remarks of SUPERCHURVACHENES and attempted to refute and correct the comment posted. Thanks JOSHUA0011!

In the end, we have decided to stop the thread and refuse attention to the comment. From then on, I have not heard about SUPERCHURVACHENES nor have read any similar comment in other related blogs by other writers.

To this very same day, I still wonder who SUPERCHURVACHENES is and what was driving him or her then to cast such hate statements during the time that we all are mourning as a nation to the loss of a Great Defender of Democracy.

As I write this, I have tried locating the same IP address under PLDT.NET but all I get was Sampaloc, Manila as the location. Perhaps, this is a common or dynamic IP assigned time and again to subscribers.

Anyway, I am making this blog entry to know more about SUPERCHURVACHENES through your help and perhaps answer some of the questions I have having read the comment he or she have made that almost ruined some of the readers’ day that time.

Why so much hatred SUPERCHURVACHENES?