Men Down

I was reading the news online awhile ago and I was amazed how lucky the government in terms of unfortunate but diversionary incidents and occurences since through them, the government is able to masks issues, intrigues and controversies. Just last week, we were into too much heat regarding the 2 lavish dinners that the administration officials had along with the president of the country in a foreign land when many of our countrymen are dying in hunger due to poverty. Just as an investigation is about to blow due to this, our poor soldiers were sent without air support to a critical mission only to have 23 of our brave men killed and hacked to death by the terrorist group in the south.

What if all these were just means of some corrupt government officials to hide the truth and use the situation as a diversion and a great escape from all these controversies? Same as how we all were mislead to all the issues such as the Fertilizer Scam, the Hello Garci Tape Scandal and all the other scandals that our government had without any conclusion of what really went wrong, what if we are just being played all along in this theatrical game of politics? It’s sad! It is indeed a sad reality for all the people who have been pawned as casualties of democracy and all the ill-effects of a freedom that we all fought for only to lose its very essence. What a waste!

I do not know why I had to ask myself these questions but as a citizen of this nation, I have the responsibility to ensure that my country along with my countrymen are well served by the very government that they have installed to serve and protect them.  In my own little ways, I know that I have to safeguard the freedom and democracy that our forefathers have fought with their lives for – I need to be vigilant and active. Thus, today, I blog not just for self-expression but to join the various advocacies that our fellow countrymen pushes for by promoting what is good and exposing what is bad. My voice may not be as strong as theirs but I know that it could make a difference… somewhere and somehow.