LaundryIt’s past midnight already! I woke up today just before lunch or perhaps 12 hours ago just to do our past week’s laundry. It took me almost 12 hours to get everything done in 6 batches separating the white clothes comprising of my son’s school uniforms, the dark colored, light colored, undergarments, towels plus the heavy ones – blankets. I tried rushing out the task but I had in-between breaks because I had to do some harvesting with  FARM TOWN and had a short nap at around 6PM because of fatigue. Thus, I used my entire Saturday doing the laundy!

I used to do this every weekend or at some point, early Friday so I can get a pass to go out and hang out with friends on a Friday night. I just thought of volunteering since I have realized how hard it can be to sit all day inside the laundry room waiting for the washing machine to finish all the soaking before you get to use your muscles to wash and rinse them clean. Don’t forget the last effort to rinse using fabric softener. Thus, if I get to tire out with a 210lbs of body, what more with my wife!

Now, it is almost midnight. I missed all the shows I wanted to watch like Imbestigador and XXX but then again I am happy that for the entire day I was able to give my wife a time-off from all the household chores and play FARM TOWN the entire day along with my POKER PRO son who is getting so addicted now with POKER. Hahaha. At least, I was able to do something worthwhile today since I have sinned last night drinking late with my friends and going home past midnight drunk. Well, it’s TGIF!!!

Here I am, waiting for my wife to serve me a PANCIT CANTON as I blog and watch as well SPORTS UNLIMITED. You see, even in a small task as doing the laundry, you get to see some lessons worth noting. Every batch that I get to finish, I never look forward to ending the last. Instead, I look forward to having to rinse the last clothe for each batch to avoid exhausting my patience. Thus, I have learned once again that PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. Hahaha.

More so, I have realized that INDEED IT IS HARD TO BE A WIFE! Just as I was doing all the laundry work while my son and wife plays online games, I felt all the guilt. Imagine the nights that we as husbands would party all night long just because it’s TGIF without thinking that our wives are home tending to our kids and doing all the chores. In their inferior physical properties compared to ours, they are able to achieve more while we are away from home.

Thus, as they were all laughing awhile ago and enjoying their games, I was taking my own KARMA with me washing more than a hundred clothes. Now, I know how it feels and I know that I have to do my own share as well of the sacrifices and hardships more than working at the office to pay the bills and driving them to school and to office daily. I need to do more.

To close, sometimes IT PAYS FOR HUSBANDS TO BE WIVES even for a day or two. Perhaps, that would bring some real changes and a genuine realization that we need to do more and make a difference as husbands and as fathers. I know some may say I am a HOUSEBAND in the making or an UNDERDOG to my wife but if that’s what it takes for me to show more love to my family… then so be it!