Family Portrait by Zoe

Just minutes ago, I asked my good friend Elmer for a copy of this simple drawing that his 5-year old daughter made for his dad. Elmer is in Europe right now for a business trip so perhaps it was being “homesick” that made him use his baby girl’s drawing as his avatar for his Yahoo Messenger. I liked the drawing so I thought of using it as a blog entry and forever have this masterpiece posted online as memoirs.

In a 5-year old girl’s perspective, this portrait of her family made perhaps after school in a scratch paper is priceless. Zoe’s concept of a family consisting of her Daddy Elmer and Mommy San-San and her baby brother Tristan is so strong and full of love and happiness. Notice the four happy faces she had put on her drawing and how she cared for each of them by even dressing them appropriately including each a pair of shoes.

I have my own collection as well of my son’s early drawings since his 1st year until today that I regularly organize and have them book-binded for my own keeping. I know how my son treasures us as his parents and family the same way as how Zoe does for her family. In a simple drawing, it makes us dads and moms realize how our kids value family and how they long for us in terms of love, care, attention and appreciation and how it is but apt that we deliver what is due.

The image above is not just a drawing but a documentation of a genuine love of a family made visible in a toddler’s artwork – a portrait of a love and family. Thanks Zoe!